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Listen to Jon Mundy's talk recorded in Grand Junction on April 21, 2005

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Grand Junction, CO -- Reverend Jon Mundy Ph.D., noted author, popular international lecturer and publisher of Miracles Magazine speaks on “A Course in Miracles” on Thursday, April 21, 2005, 7:00 PM at First Congregational Church, 1425 N 5th, Grand Junction, CO.  Tickets sold for $15 in advance or $20 at the door.

A Course in Miracles is a practical self-study spiritual curriculum designed to lead us out of a thought system based on fear and guilt in favor of one based on love and truth thus leading to peace and happiness.  Jon discusses the "Psychology and Metaphysics of A Course in Miracles", why it works and how it differs from traditional Christianity.


Dr. Mundy is Professor of Philosophy at Marist College in New York and author of several popular books based on A Course in Miracles.  He is a sought after speaker and has given over 1,500 lectures on this topic.  His talks are filled with humor, inspiration and profound insight and wisdom.  A highlight of his presentation is the insane madness of Dr. Baba Jon Mundane, as standup philosopher / comedian.

Here is some of what he shared:

We are ultimately driven to a mystical experience by one of 4 ways:
1)      Meditation & Prayer.
-      This enables us to literally stop the mind, the process of  constant projection which is what creates the external experience.  (using the word "create" carefully since what we do is not creation  but making).  In Prayer & Meditation we literally shut out the world.  Prayer has a magical word, a four letter word that  sometimes will foster a closeness with Being that is an immediate  response to an immediate need: HELP!
2)      Working it.
-      Literally doing "the work," something like the ACIM Workbook or The Work are methods by which we purposely undo the illusory nature of the mind and learn to undo the process of constant projection of a non-mystical reality.
3)      Crash & Burn.
-      This one is not very desirable but seems to be a favorite of many. Many enlightened people got there this way.. People who were in so much pain, depression and anxiety the mind suddenly just quits due to the tremendous conflict in trying to reconcile a completely nonsensical and painful reality, and delivers to itself the answer that will finally solve the conflict: A sublime experience of total Peace and Oneness with all that surrounds.
4)      Just happens.
-      Also known as spontaneous mystical experience.  This is pretty unusual but includes OBE's and the likes of the case of Susan Siegel where she was stepping off the bus and all of a sudden her body was separated from her, and she could see her body. When she returned she had lost her ego (personality)..

What are the triggers to all of the above? In percentages, the highest number of experiences came from these trigger in order of appearance by numbers:

#1- Despair and Depression
#2- Prayer and Meditation
#3- Natural Beauty
#4- Participation in worship
#5- Literature, Drama, Film
#6- Illness
#7- Music
#8- Crises in personal relations
#9- Death of a loved one
#10- Sacred Places
#11- Visual Arts
#12- Creative Work
#13- The prospect of death
#14- Silence, Solitude
#15- Anesthetic drugs
#16- Physical activity
#17- Relaxation
#18- Childbirth
#19- Happiness
#20- Psychedelic drugs
#21- Sexual relations

A few very simple 3-word phrases that are key to work towards a  mystical experience:

1- DO NOT JUDGE. Notice how much of the time you judge. Just notice.  How many times you use "they" which is a continual projection effort.  To stop projection you need to put the breaks on judging. STOP-LOOK-  LISTEN rather than judging immediately. Ego jumps first. Use the breaks. Can't project and listen at the same time.

2- DO NOT ATTACK. Anger is never justified. Anger however will come.  When it comes realize it is not justified ever. One of the few times  Jesus uses NEVER in the course. It is not "sometimes" but never. When  anger comes, simply recognize that something has gone wrong in your  thinking and do not judge (see above) yourself either. Do not attack  physically, verbally, or otherwise. Let him/her be who or what they  are. Pluck out the angry thought, simply pluck it out. Refuse to go with that flow.

3- DO NOT DEFEND. Now this is an attitudinal do not defend. It is not about the body, so do not think you should not kick somebody in the `nads if you're a woman and someone is attacking your body… the thing here is: you still think you're a body. So forgive him and then kick his … Ok seriously, this is not about the body. However, you still think you are a body, and you still think you are a body that can be hurt, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing evidence to this effect, so it's ok to defend your body. Do defend your body by all means. However, do not defend your EGO. The reason Jesus kept silent when Pilate asked Him "Don't you have something to say for yourself?" is because Pilate had just stated the Truth: that He was the Son of God. And the Truth needs no defense, so there is nothing that He could've said in defense of a Truth that already IS. However, in the body we are not being asked for sacrifice and crucifixion, so defenselessness is about not defending the ego.

4- DO NOT HIDE. There are no private thoughts. Really. Above all, it's about not hiding things from yourself. Lying to yourself just fulfills the lies you tell yourself about others..

This is a  Course about undoing guilt through forgiveness.

For more information on this seminar you can review Jon's book: Missouri Mystic or write to get info on when he will be delivering this workshop again or visit his web site at

Jon Mundy, Ph.D.

Author of Missouri Mystic

Awaken to Your Own Call

The Ten Laws of Happiness &

Listening To Your Inner Guide


The Psychology and Metaphysics of A Course in Miracles

Jon was introduced to A Course in Miracles by its scribe, Dr. Helen Schucman in 1975.  Jon is happy to share with
you his personal experience in his relationship with Helen as his mentor and as a student in A Course in Miracles.

What  A Course in Miracles  Says, Why it Works and How It Differs from Traditional Christianity.

A Course in Miracles  makes some unusual statements  --  such as:

There is no world -There is no time -You are not a body -There is no death;

There is no hell   and no devil  -  You cannot be betrayed,  persecuted or crucified;

There is no "they"- No one is special - Anger is never justified -There is nothing to forgive.

Jon's lecture will explain each of these ideas.  -  There will be time for questions and discussion.







The Crazy Wisdom

 and Divine Madness of

Dr. Baba Jon Mundane

Dr. Jon Mundy is a popular international speaker and standup philosopher. He is the co-founder and Senior Minister Emeritus of Interfaith Fellowship in New York City. He is the publisher of Miracles Magazine and the author of Awaken To Your Own Call, Listening To Your Inner Guide, and The Ten Laws of Happiness. An Ordained Methodist clergyman and Professor of Philosophy at Marist College, he has given more than 1,500 talks on A Course in Miracles.


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