Miracle of Atonement
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I behold you as a mirror to my Self.
It is my choice to see in you either lack, unworthiness and guilt;
Or wholeness, light and love.
It is, at all times, within my power to choose that which I would look upon in you.
If I choose to see lack, unworthiness and guilt;
you will mirror them back to me; and I will resent you for what I see.
For you are reflecting back to me that which I loathe within myself.
The energy I spend doing this leaves me feeling weary, separated and alone.
It requires I waste my creative power on projecting the illusions
 I hold about myself to you.  I do this in an effort to be free of them.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. 

If I choose, however, to behold in you wholeness, light and love; if my choice
Is to look upon the Christ in you—this, too, will be reflected back to me.
And this gift of seeing you with love becomes a gift I give my Self;
It becomes an affirmation of my wholeness, just as it is an affirmation of yours.
This vision, then, of our wholeness and our light is strengthened in us both,
It becomes more powerful and sure.
This activity of my mind brings me the peace and joy for which I yearn.
It is the extension of the Thoughts of God and it is the true vocation of my mind.
It is the correct and only use of my creative power.
This activity alone will bring to me the healing I seek. 

And so in this moment, I commend my mind unto the guidance of Spirit to help
direct me in the activity of seeing always and all times, the wholeness, the love,
the light in you and in everyone I meet.
I do this so these qualities may be reflected back unto My Self…..
The Self I share with God….
The Self I share with you, my loving, priceless, innocent companion on this
our journey toward healing and light. 
 This gift of seeing you with love is the only gift I choose to give,
It is the only gift I choose to receive.
 It is the gift of the miracle of Atonement.  

 Sherri Stone

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