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A Course In Miracles for the Purpose Driven Life

Listen to Beverly's talk recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, June 12, 2005

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"A Course In Miracles
for the Purpose Driven Life"
Presented by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

Beverly Hutchinson McNeff is Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Lecturer, Writer, Publisher & Organizer. ~ Her "Holy Encounter" monthly Newsletter is read by 10,000 monthly, worldwide. ~ Her Website:

Beverly Hutchinson McNeff is an international lecturer and author on A Course in Miracles. She became a student of the Course in 1977, and, with her brother Richard, founded Miracle Distribution Center (MDC) in 1978.

Next to the Course’s publisher, MDC is the longest running organization based on A Course in Miracles. MDC is respected for its service and commitment to students of the Course in their understanding and application of the Course. MDC’s very popular publication, The Holy Encounter, of which Beverly is the Editor and primary writer, is read monthly by over 10,000 people around the world.

Bringing the Course into practical day-to-day living is Beverly’s hallmark. More than 1,200 copies of her weekly lectures are sent out to subscribers each month. And, her free bi-monthly webcast, A Miracle Moment, can be heard on the Center’s website at

In 1983 Steven Halpern and Beverly created the first in a best-selling series of recordings (six in all) with readings from the Course underscored by Halpern’s world-renowned healing music.

Beverly is a former actress and broadcaster and still does occasional voice-over work. She is very involved with kids in her community and founded in 1997 with her husband Paul, KidSingers, which is an inner city, after-school children’s chorus based in Santa Ana, California. She has done consulting for business and government and was in charge of the public information aspect of the Governor’s Earthquake Task Force under California Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration.

Beverly is most proud of being a mom to her son, Jeffrey, and a wife to her husband, Paul. “We learn the most about ourselves in our relationships with each other,” says Beverly, “and my son and husband have given me an opportunity to earn a Ph.D. in forgiveness and visa versa!”

Article by Beverly Hutchinson McNeff

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Annual ACIM Conference AUGUST 27-28
Our annual conference will take place August 27-28 in Anaheim, California.
Join Center founder   Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, along with   Marianne Williamson,   Steven Halpern,   Jon Mundy,   Richard Gayton,   Karen Casey and Course students from around the world. Lectures, experiential exercises, healing music and fellowship with others will combine into a life-changing experience.  2 Page Brochure on the Conference:
Miracle Distribution Center
3947 E. La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92807 U.S.A.

Miracle Distribution Center

Thank you for journeying with us, for it is together that we experience our majesty!

Beverly Hutchinson

Beverly Hutchinson is an Inspiration for Us All, as she has dedicated her life as a Ministry to ACIM at a very early time in her own life and soon after ACIM was Published in the 70's.  Her Accomplishments in the past 28 years serve as Witness to The Holy Spirit in her life.

Today, she is a Pillar of the Miracles Community, famous for many things, among them the Annual ACIM Conference she holds each summer in Anaheim. I have listened to Beverly in person there. Her warmth and commitment to the Sonship is demonstrated in her Newsletter her CDs, Tapes & Conferences.

MDC's Service to all who have just found ACIM as a Resource for local Course Groups in their area has been a Godsend to all new Miracle Students.

Beverly Hutchinson Personifies the JOY of doing the Course!

~David Fishman~

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