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Alan Brooks
Right Use of Will

Listen to Alan's teaching from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, August 22, 2007

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On page 31 of the first Right Use of Will book, God says to us:

The reality is that only if you hear Me can you get everything

released on your own, but emotional release is also what you

need to do to hear Me.  If you start where you are and release

everything you can as completely as you can every time anything

triggers you, you will free your emotional body of old charge

very rapidly.  The more you clear it, the more opening you will

have through which you can hear Me.  Once you have released

enough old charge to actually listen and hear Me, I will be able

to guide you to clear the rest.                                             

You must trust what you receive from Me though.  Have faith

that clearing your emotional body is going to allow you to feel that

I am a Loving Presence.  If you have fear of being misled by

something claiming to be Me, release fear until there is none left. 

Then you will be able to feel Me instead of your fear.  When you

can clearly feel Me, you will know it is Me.                              

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