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Carmen Cameron

Listen to Carmen from ACIM Gather on PalTalk March 23, 2008

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Carmen Cameron
Teacher, Co-Creator, Counselor, Inspiration
 "The Joyful Lesson of the Resurrection:
Reclaiming Jesus' Message of Life Abundant"
 For 2 millennia, we have been called to be an Easter people but we have reduced the glorious potential in Jesus' message into a constantly recycling "Good Friday mourning." 
It is long past time to turn our habitual despair and acceptance of limitation into an expectation of miracles and healing, instead. 
There is no need for you to recycle the sad lessons anymore. 
Use this Easter - NOW - to join together in one goal and take our collective acceptance  of Jesus' message to a whole new level!
 ~Carmen Cameron
 Tom Fox is Carmen's Life Partner on her Journey without Distance  <-Tom Fox

 Tom Fox has generously made the Free ACIM on the net
available to Us All...and which we use at ACIM Gather
and have given to many over the years.
God loves you like a father, Who sees all his dreams fulfilled in you.
God loves you like a mother, Who holds you to her heart and with tender eyes
~Carmen Cameron
CARMEN CAMERON is will be a Co-Presenter with Tom Whitmore
 at 2009 ACIM Conference in San Francisco