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The Shanti Christo Study Group
Charles McGee (CharlesACIM)

Classes held Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on ACIM Gather / PalTalk

Shanti Christo Wisdom

The Way of the Heart

The Way of Transformation

The Way of Knowing


The original Shanti Christo teaching
given by Jeshua ben Joseph
with commentary by Charles McGee


Note: We regret to inform you that at the request of the
Shanti Christo Foundation, all audio sessions and
lesson materials on this site have been disabled as of
June 15, 2007 until further notice.

Read letter from Diane Youngs - Play the audio reading

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June - lesson 18 sessions


Lesson 18 Text

Lesson 18 Audio

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic 

Lesson 18

Class 75- Part 1

June 5, 2007

Class 75 - Part 2


Lesson 18

Class 76- Part 1

June 12, 2007

Class 76 - Part 2


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"The Way of the Heart"

This is a work in progress.  There are 35 lessons in The Way of Mastery course.  Charles intends to spend one month on each lesson.  The course will be complete in November, 2008.  Blessings on your journey.

Jeshua has given the following specific suggestions, within the Shanti Christo material itself, about "how to listen" to the tapes/CDs for the maximum benefit:

  • Get a separate "Way of Mastery Notebook" with a cover that has meaning for you and a pen you love and use it only for this work.  Keep your notebook in a sacred space (such as on your altar if you have one) wherever you live.
  • Settle down and relax into a meditative state before you start listening to these tapes/CDs.
  • Allow the words to strike without any effort to understand all of this information at once.
  • Notice which passages cause feelings to arise within your being as you listen to these tapes/CDs.
  • Make selective notes and write down those passages which touch your feeling nature in your "Way of Mastery Notebook".
  • Later (or on a different day) copy the passages from your notebook which elicited a strong feeling.  Write them several times on a separate sheet of paper in a state of innocence and playfulness.
  • Whenever a question is asked it is useful to pause the tape or CD and reflect on it before moving on.

Listen to each tape several times in different location at different times of the day.

Stay with each tape until you feel complete with it before moving to the next one.  Initially, we each spent 30 days with each tape/CD.

Actually doing the exercises as given is also very important.  Many of these exercises are the same ones that were given to Jeshua by his Essene elders over 2,000 years ago.

Feel free to use these suggestions as you wish but most of all have fun with the material.

Our prayer is that you may be blessed by this material as many of us with Shanti Christo have been. ~Pelkyong

This endeavor can be supported at:
P.O. Box 31525
Tucson, AZ 85771-1525

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