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A CHRISTmas Party with ACIM Gather

Recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, Dec. 25th, 2005

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CHRISTmas Sunday

JOYnUs  for
Our CHRISTmas Party

Bring Your Self as a Gift to All

Your are Invited to bring a Gift
to Light our CHRISTmas Tree

A Song, Poem, Course Quote, Favorite Lesson,
Prayer of Thanks, Gratitude, Appreciation,
anything that has Illuminated your mind
and shared is Welcome!

Above All Else,
is a Gift to Us All...

Our Guest Host for
ACIM Gather's CHRISTmas Party


We will Acknowledge All Who have made
ACIM Gather a Spiritual Community
that  Nurtures & Nourishes
Our JOYning, Growth & Awakening

Gifts will be Given and Shared!

JOYnUs for the Gift Unwrapping!

the following Guest Teachers, which we admit here is only
a partial list, and ask Your Forgiveness if anyone
feels someone or yourself has been left out.
Please contact us to report anyone
not listed here. Thank You!

Regina Dawn Akers, Maureen Stark, Prudence Blasdell, Mike Santrizos,
Rev Deb Phelps, Rev Lee Catalano, Rev Lee Poepping,
Rev. Lucia Espinosa, Rev. Christine Anderson, Jaya Mehra
Ellen Sutherland, Jane Vock, Phil Frisk, Maz Casper-Webers
Nicole, Mia, Robin O'Connor, Terry & Charlotte,
Daina Gold, Pamela Silberman, Cam Hoppert,
Charlie Cowan, David Hoffmeister, Jeffrey & Kerri Lake,
Herb Nelson, Donna Jean, Peter Phippen, Lenny Rose
Candace & DavidPaul Doyle, Charles McGee, Darla & Alden Hughes
Carl Nethercutt, Ms. Share Murphy, Doug & Linda Geiger
Brian Spahalski, Kathryn Dixon, Johanna, Karen Bentley
Jon Mundy, Gary Renard, Ishwari, MaryBeth, Kirsten,
Clarissa Bell, Sue Borg, Phil Mistlberger, Martha Street
John Mulrooney, John Nagy, Beverly Hutchinson,
Marianne Williamson, Ken Wapnick, Robert Perry
Rev Tony Ponticello, Tom Carpenter, Judy Skutch
Dr David Hawkins, Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, Jennifer, Tama Kieves,
Kelly Love, Brent Haskell,  Carol Howe, Byron Katie, Kathryn Dixon,
Robert & Mary Stoelting, Diane Berke, Adyashanti,
Ron Roth, Gary Simmons, Neale Donald Walsch,
Jesus, Buddha, and Countless more who are ONE with Us All.

David Fishman & Linda Card
Co-Creators ACIM Gather

We Remind You that You are A Teacher of God
when You Recognize we share the same interest
and Purpose of Healing and Awakening

The Sonship is Healing faster
Thanks to All Who Gather
as Teacher & Student
for Both are One.

Your Presence and Sharing
is a Gift to us All,
Be Here!

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