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ACIM's Concept of Time

From: Joe Jesseph To: Course Talk Sent: Saturday, June 04, 2005 9:57 AM
[Course Talk] ACIM's concept of time

In the Course Jesus tells us that in order to understand ACIM it is necessary
to understand its concept of time. And I think that some of the questions and
confusion that arise around understanding the Course come from difficulty not
only in understanding its concept of time, but in not fully understanding the
implications of the Atonement principle, which states that separation is impossible.

What that principle means is not only that there is no time, but there is no
space, no world, no cosmos, and no you, as you have typically come to identify
yourself. Those implications of non-separation, or Oneness, can certainly be
both frightening and confusing. The gentleness of Jesus teachings lies in the
practice of forgiveness, which is the way to gradually reduce fear of Oneness
and awaken from the dream of separation.

But forgiveness is not something you can do as a body with an intellect and good
intentions. In order to understand and practice the Course it is crucial to
understand that it speaks to you, not as a body, but as spirit -- specifically
to that aspect of spirit which the Course calls "mind."

I have recently been working with Kenneth Wapnick's book, "A Vast Illusion: Time
According to A Course in Miracles." It is a very helpful book in addressing
these basic metaphysical concepts, their practical implications, and what is
involved in both the miracle and forgiveness.

I thought that some members of this group might be helped in their understanding
by some of the material from that book, so I have put it on a couple of Web
sites with two diagrams which help to explain the Course's concept of time and
which also relate to the "tiny, mad idea" of separation.

You can find those Web sites at:
      1) and

Begin with the first, which has a link to the second.


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