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The Atonement of Charlie

Listen to Charlie's talk recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, Sept. 21, 2008

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Charlie Cowan
Teacher, Counselor,  Inspiration

"The Atonement of Charlie "
Charlie Cowan is one of the original Guest Teachers
at ACIM Gather when we first started in 2005

Charlie is our Guest Teacher every Sunday at 5pm ET JOYnUs!

Some of his teachings are Archived at Phil Frisk's site
and can be found at
when one of his topics was
Correcting My Brother - Correcting Myself

Listen to Charlie's talk recorded from  Sept. 6, 2005

2 more ONEderful Audio teachings by Charlie Cowan are below

Also listen to Charlie's talk recorded on June 28, 2005
Charlie's Experience with Miracles

Also listen to Charlie's talk recorded on June 21, 2005
Charlie's Escape from Darkness

 “Holy Spirit gave me His Plan to follow which I gladly have."
~Charlie Cowan
Charlie's voice is Moses"
~Terry Lester

Charlie Cowan has always been an Inspiring Teacher for me personally.
I have archived many of Charlie's teachings here online,
and very happy that he has chosen to be here
for all of us to share his Guidance.
He is here every Sunday at 5pm ET
and all who Gather to hear
Charlie, are Truly Inspired
by his Love and Light
Thank You

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