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Why all this channeling

--- In The_Peace_of_God@yahoogroups.com,  Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:
I just found another ACIM site. It's some spirit call Raj. This guy in
Washington (state) channels someone called Raj. I've been listening to
him and he sounds great. But why all this channeling. Why all these
spirit guides.

Regina Akers <reginadawnakers@y...> wrote:
> Hi Dave,
>   "Channeling" is an interesting word, and I use that word
sometimes when it seems like the best way to communicate with a
specific person or audience. But, it really doesn't mean anything.
>   The word "channeling" seems to imply that we are listening to
someone or something apart from us, from some spirit-world that is
also apart from us. Nothing apart from us exists, so "channeling" is
>   Regardless of whether we seem to be listening to Raj, Jesus,
Seth, Arten & Pursah, the Holy Spirit, our intuition, spiritual
words spoken by another, or "truth" that we read in a book, it is
all the same. It is our one Holy Spirit whispering within the world
of dreams reminding us of who we are. And the reason there is so
much of it is because we are willing to listen.
>   Love,
>   Regina

Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:

Thank Regina, you appear to be the only one answering me and I
really appreciate it and I do agree with you, it all comes from the
Holy Spirit. So, why not say so. Why must there be a name attached.
Hi I'm Raj, from this dimension. I'm Ramtha, I was a warrior, and on
and on. AND, if you want to turn off Christians from the message of
ACIM, just say your conveying the words of Jesus and you end up with
the Latter Day Saints Phobia. In the 50s and early 60s a woman named
Marie Watts published a book called "The Ultimate." She didn't say
she was conveying the words of anyone, save the Holy Spirit and she
announced then that we are all one with God, even though that was a
popular "New Age" idea at the time. She simply took a Bible into
seclusion for a number on months and meditated and spoke of her
writings as direct communications with the Holy Spirit. She didn't
have to put a name of a particular entity on it. When a name of a
particular entity is place on the teachings I can't help but think
it's to give it credence to all the New Agers who are looking for
something special. Doctor Hawkins is a pretty enlighten man and I
don't see him placing some named entity between him and the
teachings. Even Gary has entities from a particular time and place
in the distance past.

My point is mute in so much as one should just glean the essence of
the truth from whatever is spoken or taught and that is that. But
I'd like to pass along these teachings to other Christians and they
are turned off by the "Entities" and talk of Jesus channeling.

 "Ossie" <ossiedreamson@a...> wrote:

> IMO everyone channels.  We either channel the ego or the Holy Spirit.
> All channeling is, is who you choose to hear from within.  Some people
> follow what they hear within through action, some need teach it, and
> others write it.  Specificity is of the ego, but fortunately
> Jesus/Holy Spirit can work with where we are.  Any of the above is a
> potential classroom to change the belief.
> Egos love to make it special and those who are not aware that there is
> no one outside of themselves, their experience is that someone out
> there is speaking to them and they feel special because it happened to
> them and is not happening to others. 
> As Course students we come to experience through the process of
> forgiveness that one either choose to listen to the many seeming
> voices of the ego or the whisper of the Holy Spirit.
> That is why Jesus calls what the Sonship is doing insane, because we
> really believe there is more than just the One.  We believe we are
> bodies.  We believe we see and interact other bodies.  We believe we
> will die if we do not have another body.
> In the world if someone says they are hearing voices and seeing bodies
> that no one else sees, they are quickly medicated or locked up.
> Very glad Jesus takes another route for the Sonship to heal.  Forgive.
> Peace Out
> Ossie

Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:

Are you saying the Son of God can be ignorant? That the Son can be unaware?

"Ossie" <ossiedreamson@a...> wrote:
> One thing the Course is very clear about is that the ego is not
aware of the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit of the ego.
> The Holy Spirit is simply the memory of who we are and when we are
not at peace, we have the memory ... the voice of the Holy Spirit and
the manifestation thereof, Jesus to remind us that what we are
perceiving is not true.
> The ego is aware of only one thing and that is the Son is able to
choose against it, thus its goal to keep the Sonship mindless.  If
the Son doesn't know it has a choice to choose against the ego, the
ego is safe.
> Thus the theme of ACIM
> Choose Once Again.
> Peace out
> Ossie

[Robin O Connor  robinoconnor@g... writes in this hyperlink:]

Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:

Thank you Ossie, and what you say is true, but you know why the ego
avoids the light of the Holy Spirit? Because it means the end of the
ego and this ending is an ultimate death.
I know what a lot of you are think, no, it's not death, that's just
what the ego thinks, but the ego is right, the ego is going to die. 

Most "Believers" really don't believe in death. They think that
after they die they go to heaven and live happily ever after in a
perfect angelic body, feeling great joy, love, and peace. And this
is true, but it doesn't exactly happen just like that. There are
astral levels these people can go to temporarily, but that is not
the ultimate ego death.

The ego doesn't die with the body's death, it's much more subtle
than that. It sets right at the edge of formlessness; right at the
cusp of the infinite void with it's back to the light. It is the
illusion of "The Many" itself. It is Maya. And when you slip by Maya
you and your universe dissolve like sugar in water. All form melts
into the infinite formlessness of the limitless God. It's the no-
place, the nothing, the unknown, the God which no man sees, where
the Son and the Father are one.

"Ossie" <ossiedreamson@a...> wrote:

Yep if they choose to.  That is why there is a Course in Miracles.
and thousands of other paths.


Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:

Yes Ossie, I have heard it both ways. I think it was Dave Hawkins who
said that the Son of God is gullible, like a small child. The Son can
get caught up in all kinds of BS. But it's an innocent thing, because
The Son is innocent.

However, others have stated that the Son is liken to the Father and
is not the one that we are trying to straighten out here. It is the
ego that labors under false illusions and it is the ego that we are
trying to bring to a point of awareness in which it can be aware of
the fact that no harm is meant to it, it just has to now take a
backseat to The Son.

Still others say it is to The Son in which we speak and it is The Son
the must come to the awareness of what the ego is and the games the
ego plays in order to distract and hypnotize The Son into forgetting
His true nature, His oneness with His Father.

Now, you can return from this ultimate death and you will feel great
joy, love, and peace but it will come to an end, because you
returned. You see going out and returning is of duality. I did this;
I died this ultimate death and when I returned I was in a body of
light, filled with joy, love, and peace. The whole world (which
returned with me) manifested from that infinite Oneness that we (the
world and I) just came from. I saw myself as the entire universe.
Every person I met was me (God) and they knew it and there was great
bliss in this. The world was a world of joyous light and all things
danced in Its ecstasy.

Now this sounds good, but remember, I said I "returned". With this
return came time and space as well and so the whole experience
became just that, an experience. And the experience faded, in time.

It is the one that doesn't return that is truly enlightened. That
one dissolves away and never comes back. Does that mean they don't
have a body? No, the may still manifest a body, but they won't be
identified with it. They may function in the world, but they won't
be of the world. They will not see themselves as a body or a mind,
or a world, or any particular form at all, because there is no
individual present anymore. You look into their vacuous eyes and you
see that on one is home. There is nobody there. There is only the
infinite light.

This is why Doctor Dave rates all the teaching as falling short of
the level of 1000, even though a great many, like ACIM rate at the
level of enlightenment (600). Enlightenment can still hold a smidge
(if you will) of ego, of Maya.

That is why Ramayana Maharshi stated, when asked how he could stand
the pain of bone cancer (the most painful kind), "who is there to
feel the pain?" In him, no one was home, no ego. And when
Paramahansa Yoganada's guru appeared before him to let him know that
his final exit from the body (Mahasamadhi) was at hand, Yogananda
shuttered. When asked by his disciples as to why he did so, he
explained that the last remnant of the ego just fell off. And this
man was considered to be an enlightened being at a young age.

You will also notice that Doctor Dave rates teachers at 1000, but
not necessarily, their teachings. That is because all teachings are
communicated through the filter of duality. Language itself is dual.
The simple act of communication is dual. There are no two points in
which communications can occur and there are no two different people
where communication is necessary. The simple act of teaching, no
matter how enlightened the teaching is, is a dual action.

ACIM teaches that when you come to the Oneness the whole world comes
with you and the world manifests your perfect vision. You are
enlightened and so is the world and everything in it. In fact, there
is no world, there is only Self. But you will know if your not
batting 1000, the hint of ego, of illusion, or Maya will still be
there. Just a dab, and a little dab will do ya.

My point is mute in so much as one should just glean the essence
of the truth from whatever is spoken or taught and that is that.
But I'd like to pass along these teachings to other Christians and
they are turned off by the "Entities" and talk of Jesus channeling.

"Dave" <dehodges@s...> wrote:

Even Gary has entities from a particular time and place in the distance past.
> >
"Ossie" <ossiedreamson@a...> wrote:

> Not true, these teachers are outside of time and space. For
teaching purposes, they appear to operate within space and time, and as Gary
states in DU, he had an experience of momentarily collapsing space
and time... another lesson from his Teachers.
> These Teachers, Arten & Pursah are symbols of the right-minded
thinking that is ever present and ever ready in the mind of the one
Son.  And where these symbols exists, where the Son of God truly
exists (for lack of a better term), cannot be measured or
perceived, but it can be experienced through the gift and process of
> Hello, my dear brother. I can see you are astonished, but not
really afraid. I am Pursah and this is our brother, Arten. We are
appearing to you as symbols whose words will help facilitate the
disappearance of the universe. I say we are symbols because anything that
appears to take on a form is symbolic. The only true reality is God or pure
spirit, which in Heaven are synonymous, and God and pure spirit
have no form. Thus there is no concept of male or female in Heaven. Any
form, including your own body, that is experienced in the false
universe of perception must, by definition, be symbolic of
something else.
> Because the forgiveness process is initiated by someone who believe
they are form, this can be measured, if there is a desire to do so,
and it should be a low number because the goal of ACIM is not to
look for Love, it is to looks for and at the blocks to Love
> How low can you go. 
> :::giggling:::
> Reality, God cannot be measured
> God Is
> and there is nothing else
> Peace Out
> Ossie
Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:

I stand corrected Ossie, but still, why symbols, let each student,
being his own teacher, speak from his Self, the one Self, and drop
this symbol and name game. This might be constructive to the New
Agers that like this type of thing, but to the everyday Christian,
this is a turn off. Speak of the Holy Spirit, speak of God, speak of
the Self, and drop these symbols, entities, or whatever you want to
call them.

"Ossie" <ossiedreamson@a...> wrote:

When symbols are used, then we can see how each of us give them
meanings.  Someone starting on a path, their symbols will have one
meaning, and as they progress, the symbols will change.

The goal of a Teacher (when I use capital "T" I am not referring to
people who are here in form) is to eventually assist us giving up the
billons of symbols of the ego and know that all that Is, is God and
nothing else.  The rest of us who are teachers and students simply
remind each other that we can choose once again.

Peace out

Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:

That may be the problem here Ossie, I am new to ACIM but I have been
studying under many teachers and teachers for many years. The
symbolic terminology can be confusing to me, and that would be pretty
obvious to you as you read my last, large posting.

But as Ramana Maharshi would say, "who is it that is confused?"

Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:

That may be so, but at some point the Infinite Light will present
Itself and no ego is ever going to make that jump. No matter what you
tell the ego, at the moment of Unification, every thing, EVERY THING,
will be dissolved. Nothing, NO THING, will survive. Not the ego, not
the mind and it's thoughts, nor matter at any level of manifestation.
Only the Grace of God will bestow it, as the ego will never be able
to understand deeply enough to surrender.

But your right, the ego isn't done as long as you return to the form.
It will re-establish self consciousness whereupon it will begin to
conceptualize and draw conclusions based on these concepts. Thus, it
will create an illusionary place called "me".

The mind does not understand it's Self, because the Self is not a
concept, it is no perceivable, it can't be know through the senses or
grasp by the mind. As nature abhors a vacuum, so the mind abhors the
Infinite Void. So it creates a place for itself. A place of wistful
structure in which it can identify it's self.

This is where the ACIM teaching has confused me. I am versed through
the Vedas, the Toa Te Ching, Zen Buddhism, the Kabala, and the Bible.
When the ACIM teaching tell me that God is only good, and to look for
only God the Good in every day life, through forgiveness. I am
confused. I understand what it means, that all is God and therefore,
all is Joy, Love, Peace, and Unity. Therefore, if I do not perceive
this, I am not right-minded. But how do I know Joy, Love, Peace, and
Unity? I know them by there opposites. I know them relative to what
they are not.

In everyday life the ACIM lessons appear to be saying to me, if I see
to people approach one another and the lovingly embrace, that's real,
and I should embrace it and accept it. However, if two people
approach each other and physically attach each other, that's unreal,
and should be reject as an unreality.

In the highest teaching it is said that whether the people embrace or
attack each other makes no difference at all. Good and bad, right and
wrong, reality and illusion, all reside in the Mind of the Beholder.
However, these are concepts and God is not a concept, and everything
is God. God, being beyond concept, cannot be described, cannot be
conveyed, or communicated, and all is God.

So tell me, what is God? Any answer you may give is a concept of God,
not God. Our minds can only draw up concepts; however, we can have
direct experience because we are God. Yet, should I convey that
experience to you, what is it I have to do? I have to relate it in
words, which are concepts, and God cannot be past one to the other.
Not only because words a concept, but also because there is no one
and another.

If God be the only Being in existence, then where does that leave
communication? Where does that leave the ACIM teachings, and their
appointed or self appointed teachers, or any teaching or teaching for
that matter. What enlightened Being would feel they need to teach,
and to whom would they teach. If they be enlightened then two things
happen. One, they see only Oneness; there is only one existence,
which is existence. And two, that existence is beyond reproach.

I'm more inclined to accept the ACIM teacher that stated that they
are not enlightened, and when they teach, they are only teaching
their self. In other words, there is but the one ego and that teacher
acts as The Son and the ego.

Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:

I consider it a great blessing to be with such Old Souls, yet
souls we still appear to be.

Much truth and enlightened perception came from you all. And much
learned teachings as well. I would consider direct experience to be
in there as well and that is more substantial. Or should I say,
beyond substance.

Someone mention that I should elaborate on the experience. Let me
say right from the start. I didn't chose to be dissolved into the
infinite void of eternal unity. Should it be left up to me, I would
have done as I did the first time the Lord presented him/her/itself
to me (beyond gender). I would have run in great fear and panic. I
did in fact, yelled to anyone and anything that could hear me, "turn
around, go back, it's a dead end.

Yes, It doesn't lead anywhere, it doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't do
anything, and nothing is gained or lost by knowing It. Imagine
yourself bodiless, wordless, formless, nowhere left to go, nothing
left to do. NOTHING!

Be honest, if you find a bit of sadness in this, a bit of concern
that all is gone, and it's all over, that my friend, is the ego.

You will not depart of your own accord and no amount of teachings
will free you. Your personal efforts are for not. It is only by the
Grace of God that it will happen, and even then, you may return to
your karmic ego robes to sort the things out that do not need
sorting. This is not to imply that you should quit you studies, or
whatever it is you do, for that is the natural avenue to take, but
like the lessons say, you have to let it all go in the end.

The second time the Holy Spirit came on me I was caught off guard,
off "GUARD". And I was gone in a flash. One millisecond before the
ego knew it was over. That is the Grace. You won't make the final
step (as the good Doctor states). God (The Self) will make it for
you. It will start with a great feeling of overwhelming security and
comfort. The memory it induced in me was one from my childhood. As a
very small child I remember laying on the backseat of my parents car
going home from some family visit late at night. I loved my earthly
father and felt very secure when I was with him. He was God to me.
And when I rode home with him and my mother I felt a great sense of
security and love. This is what I felt, great safety, great love,
and wonderful peace. Then there was a sudden feeling of falling, but
with no fear. Then the universe blew away like grains of sand blown
from the palm of the hand. Silence, peace, bliss, great radiant

This is where no man goes, no thing goes. This is the beyond the
beyond. This is not mind, nor matter. This cannot be described for
words taint it (as they do here).

But in the mist of the Nothingness was a spot, a blemish if you
would, and as attention was drawn to it, it expanded, and the
universe pieced itself back together. Atom by atom, molecule by
molecule, cell by cell, it built itself back. And the world was
formed from the formless, and it shined from the radiance it was
emanating from. And all things existed in this light, and all things
danced in the ecstasy of this light, and all things were united in
love, the love that was this light, and all things were at peace in
the light.

Now, how and why did this experience fade? Well, first, I didn't
chose to go into the infinite light and I did not choose to come
back. But once I was back and enjoying this wonderful world of
radiant, unified bliss, I started to project a mental picture of
that which I wanted to do in the future. Notice? Future? Time was
being introduced into the mind and with this projection, thought
began again. Oh, I forgot to mention, there were no thoughts
throughout this whole thing. Thoughts are useless and unnecessary.
God doesn't think. That's all mind stuff connected to the ego. God
KNOWS, and in knowing there is no need for thoughts, which are just
an analytical tool for the ego-based mind. A form of mentation
(mental masturbation) or what Allen Ginsberg called, "Doing deep
knee bends in the Void."

Ladies and Germs, your going to shoot your self in the foot. You are
going nowhere and you won't accomplish anything by doing it (Huang
Po, I throw the name in for validity, his teaching calibrated at
970). It is your ultimate death, and therefore, eternal life. For
death and life are the same, ignorance and wisdom, dark and light,
fame and shame, loss and gain, pleasure and pain, all the same. Why
bother yourself with these. Go into the light and never return.

Hey, you can go into the light anytime you want. You're the one
resisting, and why not, it's the end of you. Yes, yes, the beginning
of God, but hey, it is already God, and it was never you. So give
the Devil (ego) his due. It isn't something to avoid, or hate. In
fact, as Huang Po said, it's all the same, why do you bother so. The
good reverend mentioned about forgiving our interactions with the
ego, even though forgiven was an illusion because there is nothing
to forgive, good call Rev.

Yes, there is nothing here that was ever wrong, or needed changing.
It is God, right now. But if that isn't apparent, try letting go and
dying to it all. Into the unity where God and the Devil dance hand
in hand in a cosmic dance of Radiant Unity. Beyond your heads and
tails of duality is the unity. But if you don't, don't feel bad,
because in truth, your already home. Beside you have The Lessons,
they will take you to the Door then all you have to do is wait for
God to yank you in. Enjoy the ride.

Nicole <nicole_fshrwmn@yahoo.com> wrote:

What people seem to have overlooked here, is that teachers do not
have to be in the flesh.  Ossie seems to be hinting at this in his
post below. In the Manual for Teachers it says that "A teacher of
God is anyone who chooses to be one". It also says" Certain pupils
have been assigned to each of Gods teachers". Jesus is not in the
flesh and we are happy to hear his teachings in A Course In
Miracles.  I have seen no mention that God's Teachers have to be in
the flesh.  I have noticed though that Jesus often uses the
word "we", instead of I in the text and the workbook.

This sparked my curiosity, and seeing I speak with Jesus, or Jeshua
(pron. yeshua, the name given him by his birth mother 2000 years ago),
I asked him.  He replied with a laugh as he knew I already
suspected.  He said that there were many working with him, ascended
masters if you like, who are helping to bring about the Atonement. 
I asked if his mother was one and he replied yes, and said I could
speak with her, which I did.

Then yesterday on PalTalk when Charles McGee was reading and
teaching some workbook lessons, he mentioned the "we" also and said
the same about it.  He also mentioned that Jesus or Jeshua is in
charge of the Atonement, but that there were thousands helping him,
that angels were all around us helping us.  Yes, they want to help
too, and all I can say in response is WOW...YES...THANK YOU.

For me personally, I used to cringe at the mention of Jesus or Holy
Spirit.  When I first picked up A Course In Miracles, I struggled
with the language used.  I only continued due to the bells of truth
that rang within me as I read....I couldn't put it down.  It wasn't
until he spoke to me one day, while I was lying in an ACIM induced
stupor, that I let go of my old ideas about Christianity and
embraced his teachings.  No-one had ever spoken to me with such love
and gentleness, I wanted more.

All ideas will fade, and forms and concepts will fall away.  For me,
until that time, I will embrace whatever form the Holy Spirit may
use to communicate, whether that be an ACIM teacher, Jeshua, an
Ascended Master, a song on the radio, big bird from Sesame Street or
the Holy Spirit speaking with me as "The Holy Spirit.  All are ONE,
there is only ONE. If it resonates with Holy Spirit as true, so be
it.  If I'm in doubt, I ask.

Love Nicole  

Dave <dehodges@s...> wrote:

It was a great blessing and a deep trauma to experience the cosmic
bliss of Oneness only to lose it again in a 24-hour period. To
witness radiant light emanating from all things just to have it fade
to black once again was bewildering and confusing to say the least.

The year was 1969 and when I turn to traditional Christianity for
answers I found none. Relating my story to fellow Christian left
them dumbfounded. The consensus was that I had a hallucination and
that was that.

However, I found a new kinship with friends that had turned away
from tradition Christianity and Judaism and had turned to the east
for answers. Naturally, some of the first books I was handed were
the Bhagavad-Gita, the Toa Te Ching, and the Eightfold Steps of
Buddhism. Gurus were the new thing at the time and a number of my
friends were taking lessons from the Self Realization Fellowship.
Like the ACIM lessons these were weekly lesson that were sent to
each student via mail. Each lesson was a number of pages long with
mediation techniques, eastern philosophy (Patanjali to be exact),
prayers, poems, and affirmations. These lessons stretched out over a
4-year period and as one studied, heightened states of awareness
would naturally develop, and ultimately, self-realization would

I told my story to some of the teachers in the fellowship and they
told me that I was blessed to even have had a taste of the Oneness,
and that God had given me the vision of my final destination. They
told me that this state of awareness I would one day have. When?
That was another question.

The teachers at the fellowship said that with dedication to my
studies, long hours of meditation, right diet and exercise, fasting,
sensory abstinence, and total commitment to my Guru, might bring me
enlightenment in as soon as 20 to 30 years. However, depending on my
Karma, it may take many life times. They added that I should not
despair over this as it is far better than spending eons of life
times in misery.

This was my lot in the late 60s and the whole prospect of ever
feeling that wonderful bliss or seeing the light in the near future
was dim indeed. There was added pressure as the change in life style
alienated family and friends, and of course, there were attempts by
my family to talk me out of remaining with this "cult group", as
they saw it.

After a few years, the strain of having to eat a organic vegetarian
diet, befriend only fellow members, and spend long hours in
meditation (with little or no results), got to me and I quit the
fellowship. I resigned myself to eons of miserable life times and
set out to hedonistically enjoy what little the Dark side had to
offer. God was just too hard to get with.

Then the "New Age" started in the early 80s. Suddenly there were all
kinds of books that pointed the way to immediate enlightenment,
without the big lifestyle change and many sacrifices that were asked
for by the gurus of the 60s and 70s, and I jump aboard. I couldn't
buy enough books. Each new author was like a drug to me and a
promise of great joy and happiness. Each book did in fact lift me
up, but once I was done reading, there was an emptiness that only a
new book and a new author would drive away.

I started off slowing reading each book and applying it's
philosophy. It might take me months to finish one book. But by the
90s I was soaring through books at a rate of one every two months.
And by the millennium I was burnt out.

I felt better for what I had learned. I felt I was a better person
and could handle life better, but I was full of knowledge, but no
joy. I was full of terminologies, but no happiness. I was still
empty inside.

I was just about to chuck it all when I ran into David Hawkins' book
Power vs. Force. From there I read his trilogy, and then Truth vs.
Falsehood. David's books led me to A Course in Miracles. I had heard
about it back in the 80s but I misunderstood what it was about. I
thought it was just another book about producing miracles in your
life (I had books about that piled up to here), and I just wasn't
interested in another one. But Dave Hawkins had peeked my interest
in ACIM and I bought the book.

I have to admit, it's like nothing I've ever read. It's speaks
closer to what I originally experienced all those years ago than
anything I have ever read. I picked up Dave Fishman's book, Lee
Poepping's, and Gary Renard's as well and have read them along side.

But this is it my friends, if I don't get the bang for the buck
here, I drop the studies and float where life may lead. Maybe the
old man was right when he told me many years ago, "you'll know when
you've arrived, because it won't matter to you whether you're
enlightened or not, whether you're miserable or overjoyed, whether
you angry or at peace. It just won't make any difference anymore. It
will all appear the same to you."

Nicole <nicole_fshrwmn@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest David,

Thank you so much for your willingness to find the Truth that exists
within you.  Do not look for this Truth within your past.  The past
has gone, it is not now.  The only place you will find what you have
been grieving for in all these years is NOW, in the Holy Instant. 
Forget the symbols, forget all that you know, that you have learnt
and experienced.  In the Holy Instant, you do not know anything, you
are that which you seek.  Your experience has been burned within the
memory banks of the past, within the "I know mirage".  It is to seek
beyond the mirage that you will remember that which has never left
you.  It is there waiting for you, right here, right now.

Forgive yourself Beloved and Holy Child of God.  Your innocence is
your salvation.  Forgive yourself and you will forgive the world you
see.  The embrace is the key.....embrace all with Love.  There is no
black and white despite all evidence and paradoxes that suggest
otherwise.  Just as darkness and light cannot co-exist when brought
together, so too will all paradoxes resolve when embraced with
love.  When what is not of God is embraced with that which is of
God, which is love, The unreal will dissolve into that which is Real.

All that is not Love will dissolve into Love for Love is all there
is.  Stop fighting, dear one and surrender into the love that you
are.  There are no opposites except those projected by the judgement
of the ego.  To oppose is to see a worthy opponent and where there
is opposition there cannot be peace.

Blessings upon you precious child.  Amen


Regina Akers <reginadawnakers@y...> wrote:

Hello Dave, my friend,
The last paragraph in your message reminded me of something the Holy Spirit told me as I was listening to Its interpretation of the Book of Matthew, Chapter 11. Spirit said:
John [the Baptist] symbolizes the search for Truth. Many become lost in the search because they know not where to look. Do not search for Truth in the symbols of the world. Nothing in the world can contain the Truth. The Truth is but reflected there. Let the reflection be as evidence that Truth Is, but do not put your faith in the evidence. Put your faith in the Truth. (verses 1-6)
The search for Truth is not Truth itself, so do not stop there. Many have heard the call to search and have accepted it, but then they have stopped, thinking themselves complete. You are not complete until you are the Truth, so do not stop at the call. It is your beginning, but it is not your end. To find the Truth, you must walk until your end. (verses 7-15)
Much Love,

Regina Akers <reginadawnakers@y...> wrote:

Hi Friends,
I usually hear the Holy Spirit as an abstract personality. But, there was a time last January when I felt visited by the personality of Jesus. It came while I was asleep and seemed to meet me in a place somewhere between asleep and awake. It was a bright light, but I felt the personality of Jesus. It used no words, but it taught me. It started with a basic concept, and when I grasped that concept, it stepped up to another one until I had grasped the concept it came to teach.
When I woke up the next morning, I wasn't sure if it had really happened or if it had been a dream. So I prayed and said, "Jesus, if that was you and not a dream, please come back again."
That night He returned in the same way, only this time I seemed closer to the state of being awake (within the illusion). I was conscious enough to look at the clock and notice the time as I experienced His Presence.
I think the Holy Spirit came to me as Jesus because of what it came to teach. I haven't shared this story before because what was taught was taught without words, and I didn't know how to put it into words. Language is an expression of duality, and so it cannot adequately express what I learned those nights.
But, with that said, here is what I was taught:
When a person lets go of the ego and "dies" the ego "death," nothing is lost. That "purified" personality merges within the mind of the Holy Spirit where all personalities seem to exist as one. There is not separation. All thoughts are shared in one mind, and there is no confusion.
These seeming personalities that exist within the mind of the Holy Spirit can be used as symbols to teach within a world that believes in separate selves.  So, Jesus can seem to be Jesus, separate from Mary and Arten and Pursah and Raj, but this is in no way the case. (With what little I know of Raj, I would assume that is why Raj can seem to be Jesus. They are within one mind that recognizes itself as one.)
Jesus also showed me that these seeming personalities will not be needed as symbols forever. When there is no longer a need for them as teaching symbols, the seeming personalities will be let go. That is the seeming last step in the "process" of Awakening, and that is the step we will take together as one.
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