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Kathryn Dixon

Kathryn Dixon
Teacher - Author - Counselor - Inspiration

Listen to Kathryn Dixon recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, February 4, 2007

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TOPIC: A Course In Miracles & The Work of Byron Katie

Prepare you now for the undoing of what never was T.18.V.1:1  www.TheWork.com

                 - A Practical Tool of the Holy Spirit

Kathryn Dixon

Does this sound familiar?  I love God.  I want to accept the Atonement!  (I've done it a million times, already!)  Why do I still feel such anxiety and animosity in my personal relationships, and daily affairs?  When/how will it stop?
Questioning the validity of painful appearances in the dream is what The Work of Byron Katie is all about. 
When we do so, the result is natural access to the essential experience described in the Preface to ACIM:
"Nothing real can be threatened.  Nothing unreal can exist.  Herein lies the peace of God."
To not question what you believe is real is to unwittingly imprison yourself within the boundaries
of limitation, and suffering is inevitable.  All perception is false.  Questioning perception brings freedom.
"Atoning" means "undoing".  The undoing of fear is an essential part of the Atonement value of miracles.  (T.1.I.26:2,3) 
You merely ask the question.  The answer is given.  Seek not to answer, but merely to receive the answer as it is given.  (T.18.IV.5:1)

Fill out the Worksheet to prepare doing The Work with Kathryn Dixon


Student, and sometimes teacher of ACIM since 1987, Kathryn came across The Work of Byron Katie 10 years later, and found this very simple process of investigating/questioning painful beliefs a portal to Relinquishing the Dream - one painful belief at a time.  She continues her study/undoing via both ACIM and The Work to every day.

In 2003 Kathryn founded Clarity Coaching Institute, www.ClarityCoachingInstitute.com a successful and growing coaching and consulting firm offering and delivering this powerful and life-changing process to people, businesses and organizations around the world.  Kathryn's personal focus currently is on training people in corporations and the helping professions to utilize The Work for both themselves and in service of their clients.
Join us Sunday night to experience a simple recipe for Remembering the truth of you, beyond the dreaming small self.  Kathryn will work directly with those who join us with a painful belief they'd like to investigate.  To participate, please have a working microphone, and have a completed worksheet on your topic, which can be downloaded at www.ClarityCoachingInstitute.com
Wisdom is not judgment; it is the relinquishment of judgment (M.10.4:5).

Free 20-minute Clarity Coaching Consultation: Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we might be able to serve you and/or your business or organization! We support you in finding the perfect fit for what you want.

Please feel free to contact me at the address below

Please contact us with any questions you may have – about The Work about our services and availability, special presentations, tailor-made trainings or sponsoring workshops in your area.

In Salt Lake City, Utah


Kathryn Dixon is Committed to her Practice and Teaching
the Healing of the mind, and the Healing of the Sonship.
She has is a Generous Teacher sharing her
own path and experiences
in the Light of Love
of Holy Spirit

We Fully Appreciate the many Gifts Kathryn  Dixon is Blessed with
and Extends them to Us All
~david & linda~


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