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Alan Dolit

Several nights ago I had the following dream: I am a driver in some kind
of demolition derby/obstacle course. There are hundreds of cars racing
around the track. Every so often someone crashes. The rest of us gulp
and are grateful it wasnít us, and continue on the course. After a while
I start to notice the scenery. At first I didnít realize I was on a
circular course. The track was so long, that I thought I was going in a
straight line. Now I notice that Iíve been over the same ground many
times. I also notice that there is a small unobtrusive hut with an
obscure sign. I remember having seen it several times, but I didnít pay
much attention to it. For some reason I sense that it is somehow
important. I decide to see what the sign says, and somehow I am no
longer on the race track, but am on the road where the old hut was.
There is an old man standing there. He sees me coming and waves to me. I
pull over. I notice the sign is very ancient. It states: Entrance. WELCOME
HOME! Everyone MUST enter. However YOU decide when you are ready.

Last night I had the following dream: Iím playing basketball with
another guy whose basketball it is. He is a very good player, but he has
certain rules that I have to follow if I want to play. After a while
several other guys come over and join us. They are also very good
players but do not want to follow the first guyís rules. The first guy
gets upset and takes his ball and leaves, so no one gets to play. One of
the guys says referring to the one who just left with the basketball, he
better watch it or heís gonna lose his balls.

The dream scene changes. I am in a Shakespearean Play - Merchant of
Venice. The trial has just ended and Shylock who was trying to get his
pound of flesh, had the tables turned and is now on the losing end of
the stick. One of the people at the trial says see I told you heíd lose
his balls.

Then Jesus shows up. He too is on trial. And is asked if he has anything
to say before he is sentenced. He gives a short speech (which doesnít
seem to be related to the rest of the dream, but rather to ACIM). I
paraphrase below:

Forget this Course. It is only one road map to help us get back Home.
The real reason for the Course is to help the sleeping son to wake up.
Then Jesus started getting more personal. He said he is only in my mind
because I called for help. Below is a summary of what he told me:

My Course is very simple. You have never left God. How can you. You are
the very part, the very heart of God. The separation never occurred. Iím
here to help you wake up. The Course is also part of your dream. I too.
You are dreaming this all up. I am that part of your mind that is so
asleep it canít wake itself up. Therefore listen to my words. Forget the
Course in Miracles. Go within whenever you have any decisions to make;
whenever you are out of peace. I will never leave you comfortless.

My Course is very simple. As Bill Thetford used to say, If anything in
the Course offends you, or brings you out of peace, just tear out those
pages. There are plenty more. The Course is merely a roadmap. There are
plenty of road maps around. So I am giving you a simplified version.

1. The Separation NEVER occurred.
2. This physical universe is not now real and never was real and will
never be real.
3. Godís Will for you is, was, and will forever be, complete and utter
4. There is nothing you can do to change Godís Will.
5. You are in a deep sleep and canít wake yourself up.
6. In your dreams you think the physical universe is real.
7. When you are fully awake there will be no effects of this dream left.
8. While you are still asleep and dreaming you need help to remind you
that you are asleep and dreaming.
9. Continue to listen to my voice; it will help you wake up.
10. No matter what seems to be happening, remember to laugh. It is the
ONLY way to get out of here. When you take this world seriously you will
seem to be here a long, long, long time.
Blessings on you

After he said these things, the hangman came over and tried to put a
noose around his neck. . Jesus just laughed. The noose turned into a
helium balloon and just floated away. The dream ended with everyone in
the courtroom laughing.

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