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Martha Lucia Espinosa

Martha Lucía Espinosa

Author - Counselor - Teacher - Inspiration

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Teacher, Author, Counselor, Inspiration
What does it mean to Pray? And how do I Pray anyway?
Sometimes the definition of Prayer in ACIM can leave us paralyzed when it comes to continuing to pray. In reality it is simple, and we can continue to pray as we always have, but with a new understanding, and growing in our prayer to great heights of communication with God.
 Martha Lucia Espinosa's new book "Spoken Miracles"
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Spoken Miracles: A Companion to the Disappearance of the Universe (paperback)
Click here: Spoken Miracles: A Companion to "The Disappearance of the Universe": Books: Martha Lucia Espinosa

Below is Review by T. Gavardinas (Indiana) on

"As the title shows, this is a companion to Gary Renard's first book, The Disappearance of the Universe (D.U.). I would go a bit farther and say that this is a reference book to all of the A Course in Miracles (A.C.I.M.) material that appears in the pages of D.U. No doubt this compilation took a very long time to complete and cross reference. Not an easy task considering the length of A.C.I.M. and D.U. This has been accomplished in a strait forward, easy to follow manner, and provides a succint review of this material as presented in the book D.U. The author, Martha Lucia Espinosa, also provides the reader with some insight of her own personal spiritual journey. This journey has brought her to the path of A.C.I.M. and true forgiveness. It is always a delight to read anything by Ms. Espinosa. Her writing style is effortless, light, and insightful. This reader looks forward to more titles by this author."



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