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Peace of God

Course Talk

Disappearance of the Universe


The Peace of God

    We are home for the Archives of Reflections & Sharings from both Teachers & Students of "A Course in Miracles". Add Your Messages & Links. Focus is the teachings of ACIM. Reflections, Questions & Comments pertaining to The Course are Welcome.
    ACIM is a highly individualized Spiritual Psychotherapy for healing the mind from the "world's belief system". Its sole Purpose is to remember The Love and Peace of God within US ALL, for in Fact We Are ONE.
    This is the Path of Forgiveness & Healing of mind. This is the Path of The Peace of God, when attained for You, is Given as A Gift To ALL, and We Are Grateful to YOU. TO VIEW THE COURSE, Cut & Paste: http://acim.home.att.net/

Course Talk

    Course Talk is a place to share understanding and practice of the teachings of the authentic and official version of "A Course in Miracles" as published by the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP). The group is moderated with an eye to maintaining a level of discussion that is responsible and respectful of others in spite of differences. This is not a chat group for casual socializing, but a place to exchange messages of substance which specifically focus upon the teachings of the officially published Course, as well as sharing experiences with the personal application of those teachings in everyday life.

Disappearance of the Universe

    This group is for spiritual seekers who are familiar with "A Course in Miracles" and have read the book "The Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary R. Renard. The topics of discussion should be focused on the teachings of ACIM and the experiences of living the Course. The moderators would like to express our gratitude to the members of the Foundation for Inner Peace and the Foundation for A Course in Miracles for their decades of important work that has resulted in making A Course in Miracles available to the world.


Live audio.  Listen to discussions or tapes from ACIM speakers.  If you have a microphone, join the discussion. Schedule can be accessed at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Peace_of_God/cal


Note: MAC users click this link: http://www.paltalkexpress.com/

1. Go to http://www.paltalk.com/ and on the Home Page pass your Cursor under
the word PRODUCT. Click on the word "PalTalk Free" which appears.     

2.Then go down the page to REGISTER, DOWNLOAD and INSTALLATION and click on
the word REGISTER. Fill out the form that pops up. Using a Nickname that closely
matches your name and/or email address so people in the room can identify you
easily helps. Also give an email address that is easily accessible.   

3. Download the Free PalTalk Software and then follow instructions to Confirm,
which is from an email sent to you. Click on the Blue & Orange Earth ICON on Desktop.    

4.A Window in the upper left opens up. Enter the Nickname and Password you
have chosen. Hit enter. Bypass the advertising for other Products offered like PLUS.        

5. Click on the word GROUPS on the top of that Window. When the GROUPS Window
opens up, go down about 6rows to DISTANT LEARNING and click on it.      

6. When Distant Learning opens up...you will see many Rooms...Go to ACIM
Bookmark as Favorite

If any question or access problem,
Please email to David at hdfishman@aol.com


The ACIM Gather on Paltalk.com Schedule can always be accessed at the
following: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Peace_of_God/cal

This will show the Events and Schedule for the day, week & month.

If you are not currently a Peace of God Member and wish to access it,
Please send me an email to me at hdfishman@aol.com and I will be
happy to put you on our regular ACIM Gather weekly email list that
updates the entire week's schedule + the Coming Guest Teachers to our
highly attended Sunday Evening ACIM Gather at 8:30pm ET Live
Conference. We also post a brief outline of it here on Saturday Eves.

We do have an Event 7 Evenings a week + 3 Workbook Study Groups a day
that do the WB Lesson for that day, at 9am ET, 10:30am and 6:30pm ET.
Monday, January 10th we will be on WB lesson 10. At 12 Noon Monday to
Friday we study the Text correlated to the WB Lesson for that day
according to the schedule posted at Circle of Atonement and Robert

At ACIM Gather, Monday Eve's schedules Selected Readings from the
Text book, and is hosted by Peter Phippen, aka Giblatsai.

"Tuesday Eves with Ken", is hosted by Martha K. Street who plays
tapes and CD's by Ken Wapnick on the Text.

Wednesday Eve is "Relationships R Us" which I lead is an interactive
session focusing on healing our mind and relationships by looking at
our projections as a clue to the underlying thought which we project
out onto our Brother.

Thursday Eve's has a new group formed to study the Work of Dr. David
Hawkins, Author of "Eye of the I"

This Friday Evening, David Hoffmeister will be our Guest Teacher. ALL
Are Invited for this impromptu Guest appearance.

Saturday Evenings, Patti is playing a 10 part tape series by Robert
Perry and Allen Watson on Listening to the Holy Spirit.

Sunday Mornings, Miracles Alliance's Inspiration Hour is now focusing
on "Special Relationships" and tapes from "Pathways of Light".

Lucia Espinosa then offers her "Listening to the Book" series which
is now reading from "DU"...with all 3 parts, Gary, Arten & Pursah
being played out by participants in the room

WE INVITE ALL...to become part of this JOYning at ACIM Gather. Always
Open and Free to All.

If any further questions, or requests, please contact me at the email

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