I Believe
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I believe that everything I experience as "the world" I perceive is a projection
of my ego mind, including my body. 

I believe that in reality there is only God and we are completely One with Him
and are all joined as One Mind.  Everything else is an illusion created by the
"tiny mad idea" that is a blip on the radar screen of eternity that I think is
"the world".  This tiny mad idea was a thought that we could be God, too, which
unfortunately we took seriously. 

Then, what we refer to as the "ego" took over and the dream became "real to us"
as a way of hiding from God; because we fear He will punish us for trying to
separate from Him.  We have buried this so deep in our collective unconscious,
that we believe it is real. 

The Holy Spirit is the Memory of God that we carried with us into the dream. 
Outside of time and space where God is, it is already over--done--never happened
--we are with God. 

Time is our invention to make sense of past and future which we need to keep our
dream real--and continue to play God.

Joe Crace