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To the question posed by his followers, "Lord, how shall we pray?", Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) answered with the most powerful prayer ever offered to mankind.

As a Master and a Master Teacher, he spoke in his native tongue of Aramaic, choosing each phrase and intonation for their subtle and rich meaning, a meaning almost entirely lost through mis-translation into Greek, Latin, and the familiar King James version, as well as for the power of sound to effect transformation.

The goal of his offering was to provide direct keys to the mystical union of soul and Divine Source which takes us from mere beliefs about the "kingdom of heaven", into the living, Realized, and ever-shimmering presence of heaven, here and now, pervading every aspect of our lives.

This powerful CD created by Jon Marc unlocks levels of meaning lost to us, and allows you to actually chant the Prayer just as Jeshua (Yeshua, Jesus) offered it.

If you have always sensed there might be more to Christ's message and teaching than the Western world has offered, and if you are ready to enter a deeper communion with this most beloved of Master's, The Mystical Lord's Prayer will throw open doors too long closed!

Click here to listen to Jon Marc speaking the Lord's Prayer from this CD

Now Available from Heartfelt Publishing - purchase online here

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