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Q&A on Dr. Hawkins teachings with Kevin Pringle

Listen to Kevin's teaching recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, Feb. 16th, 2006


Kevin Pringle

Kevin is the moderator of the  

Kevin is the moderator of Dr. Hawkins Devotional Discussion Group - a group of hundreds of members committed to sharing about Dr. Hawkins.  Kevin has consistently attended most of Dr. Hawkins monthly lectures for a number of years and has taken notes which he shares with us. Kevin will likely provide us with insights on the impact of his devotion to this path.

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Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 9:40 PM
Subject: Sedona / PalTalk / Questions / blah blah blah

Wellp, I finally have a moment to breathe, so I will grace this page
with my inherent loveliness.

Sedona was wonderous as always. I really needed a recharge, so Im
glad I went. The doc was lively and on point. I met a whole bunch of
new people from the group and otherwise. I looove meeting people!
Its great to put faces to names.

The Doc told us that the overal LoC of mankind has DROPPED two
points to 205 from 207. He said he felt this change, and calibrated
it in front of all of us.

He said this drop is due to the numerous fallacies presented by the
main stream media as truth. He spoke about how they try to 'be fair
and balanced' by presenting insanity on the same level as sanity,
and not differing between the two. There is also a deliberate
manipulation of facts in order to reach some political means. He
spoke about what seemed to be the Dick Cheney shooting incident and
how they were blowing it out of proportion because they want another
reason to hate him. He said "Can you imagine if (the media) was like
this during world war II?! If they only focused on the Presidents
wheelchair or his frailty"

He said it has effected the LoC of man due to the 'inner child' in
all of us that innocently believes what the media tells us, and 
treats the media as our 'parent', believing everything it portrays
without question...

I went up there to ask the doc a question again, and it was prolific
for me.

I asked him "Where is the 'off' button on this ego thing?!" He
mentioned in previous lectures about how some people study the Truth
for 20 years or so, but not move a point in LoC. He shared the
realization that it was the "Reluctance of the ego to give complete
soviergnty to God"

When I heard that, it clicked, and life was lovely. Then for one
reason or another, the ego came on like a tsunami and has been
relentless in its irritation. I pray ceaselessly, I am doing ACIM,
and studying the doc but it just doesnt stop.

The doc told me he wants me to practice 'not doing' and he stared
right through me, and I stared right back; there was a definite non
verbal communication there, and I understood what he was telling me.
He said to be careful to not get caught in doing by not-doing. He
said it may not come until the last moment of your life, but dont

it was doingness that was driving me crazy, and I made the agreement
to let God 'do' for a change and me just sit back for the ride.

I also asked him about the whole LoC dropping thing and is it a
potentiality for it to go below 200 again?

he said that is somewhat of a hypothetical question, but being that
it only VERY recently went over 200, its not unthinkable for it to
go below 200 again.

He spoke about the teachers commitment to the student and how he
honors that. He spoke about how most of the time its all about the
teacher and the student just following the teachers whims.

I think thats why we all love the doc...his commitment to the seeker
and letting us know all the traps and such

After the lecture, I took a great picture with the doc, and I posted
it in the photos section. (see below)

Paltalk was fun! I love to speaketh the trutheth! I just want to
make sure everyone knows I am just a guy sharing my experience, and
IN NO WAY am any teacher of the docs works, or any representation of
the doc or his work. I just do my best to do my best. I will
definitely go back on PalTalk soon and chat it up again.

Questions about the future:
The future cant be calibrated because it hasnt unfolded yet. THere
is only potentiality. Doc doesnt calibrate our futures of
enlightenment....he calibrates that we are all DESTINED for
that...big difference there. We could be destined for something just
by pointing in that direction, it doesnt mean we are there, or are
certain to be there.

Enlightenment / Truth is not an event or thing anyway that is
somewhere stationary in space/time. It is just what is when the
blocks of illusion are removed.

Wellp, I forgot whatever else I was going to write, so it must not
be very important.

Ill be baaaack!
Kevin Pringle aka the omnipotent dictator of all that is righteous and true.

                                   Kevin and "The Doc"

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