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Up Home of the Foundation for A Course In Miracles, publishers of ACIM. Ken Wapnick, Teacher and Author is a must for all interested in ACIM. Home of the Foundation for Inner Peace, and the Original Publishers of ACIM, hosted by its Founder, Judith Skutch Whitson. A must stop for anyone who wishes to know the origins and history of A Course in Miracles.

The Course In Miracles Resources for A Course In Miracles, including a teacher directory and our "Course By Email" daily lesson. A unique collection of spiritual stories written by and for people like you. Also enjoy spiritual parables, movie and book reviews, send free ecards and more!

Book of Love - Learn how to hear the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God described in A Course in Miracles, as a distinct and conversational voice within you. Doug Thompson's comparison of five versions of ACIM along with discussion notes. As a member, you’ll receive four uplifting and inspiring films on high quality DVDs: generally a full-length feature, a documentary and two shorts. You can build a library of inspiring movies that are yours to keep – you never have to return anything, so you can watch your favorites time and again. Get your free trial NOW. A Course in Miracles - faster and easier. One-on-one study, support and guidance for serious students. Course in Miracles Society [CIMS] publisher of ‘original edition’ 1972 edition of ACIM. Because there is "another way." We're weary, we're tired and we know this world is not our home, not like this, not this way... another way. This way is being learned throughout the world in the teachings of the modern day spiritual guide called A Course in Miracles A free on line eBook - Ontological Mysticism: A Letter from Moses by Ben Gilberti. Also enjoy Ben's fractals:  "The Following Websites are dedicated to Spiritual Awakening through the teachings of Jesus in A Course In Miracles, personal reflections on A Course In Miracles, and/or direct insights gained through Inner guidance from The Holy Spirit, The Voice for God.  Joined in purpose, may we be a Light unto the World, and help The Holy Son of God to Awaken and Remember His Oneness with God, and all of His brothers with Him.  Let this be my prayer, and may we all, as ONE awaken to the Remembrance of Love's Holy Presence." The Jeshua Herald
A compilation of current teachings of Jeshua / Jesus, in recognition and celebration of our Oneness. A nonprofit organization founded in 1978 to serve as a worldwide educational, networking and contact center for A Course in Miracles. Dan Joseph and Quiet Mind Publishing. On this site, I've put together a collection of spiritual resources and writings. This website will be a helpful resource for you. Here, you'll find hundreds of pages of spiritual and philosophical writings, hours of online devotional music from various traditions, and many inspiring videos that can be viewed online – made available for your personal and spiritual enrichment. We believe in God's messengers, the angels. Communicate with your team of angels to receive guidance. Sharing Words of Clarity from the Holy Spirit
One who hears clearly the Holy Spirit. This website is designed to allow an open and vast variety of flowing idea forms of self expressed communication for and from the seekers within this world reaching toward a point of light; We are home for the Reflections & Sharings from both Teachers & Students of A Course in Miracles "A Course in Miracles" on the Internet. This site is the ONE internet Resource to finding the Complete Course all in ONE place. A Real Find. Heavensong ministry offers training in meditation and guided relaxation techniques. Meditation, with a guiding partner, is a cleansing internal rejuvenation. Weddings, spiritual counseling, counseling for the elderly, minister, non denominational, Massachusetts. "A Course in Miracles" Daily Lessons on the Internet. Do your Daily Workbook Lessons right here! A resource with each Lesson written out for your Practice. The Blessed that meet Doug & Linda know their Loving Learning Heals. Home of Miracle Classes that works wonders for ACIM Students & "Mindful Forgiveness" Miracle Studies is a volunteer service providing internet resources for students of the Course around the world. A source for everything to do with Miracles and its Teachers everywhere. Hosted by its Founder, Beverly Hutchinson. Home of Jon Mundy's Miracles Magazine.... a bi-monthly, chock full of Inspiration and Humor from Course-based Thought. A resource center for students of A Course in Miracles; a self-study spiritual curriculum leading us out of a thought system based on fear in favor of one based on love. Featuring an archive of audio files for listening at your convenience, recorded from talks by the Teachers of God on PalTalk/ACIM Gather. Home of the Northwest Foundation For A Course In Miracles / NWFFACIM / Listen to Raj on Course Ideas. The Message Board on Yahoo, Moderated by Gary R. Renard, Author of "The Disappearance of the Universe". Join in and find out why the Book's readers are so excited! A Resource for the ACIM Student/Teacher, complete with Archive of ACIM Topics & Member messages . You are Invited to use the website as Your Own for ACIM Topics, Sharing & Reflections. An active and dedicated Bulletin Board for all serious ACIM Students/Teachers. Wonderful medium for Inspiration. One of the best Free Miracle Zines Available anywhere. Each month new articles from Readers & Teachers, with valuable insights and experiences, published by a staff that correctly sees the Sonship as All-Inclusive. Website for Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, founder of the Attitudinal Healing Center, and author of numerous books on True Healing. The website for Marianne Williamson, noted Author, Speaker and Teacher of ACIM. Robert Perry is a must stop for any Student who is studying Course Lessons, and wants a deeper understanding of the daily Lessons. Community Miracles Center in San Francisco is a reservoir of Miracle Experiences for all ages and CIM pursuits. A Virtual Exchange for Buying/Selling/Searching for Spiritual Books in every category & all authors. specializes in Self-Help&Recovery. Let Mary Fearney help you find the book you R looking for. Rocky Mountain Miracle Center - Denver San Francisco Center - group listings, books. Mind-Body-Spirit Care -- The Beauty of Balance in Life.
An Integrative Medical Approach to Healthy Living. Redirect Your Life -- a powerful and healing experiential weekend course based upon learning unconditional love in all your relationships by applying the principles of A Course in Miracles. Global Relationship Centers is an international organization with over 50 locations around the world providing many different experiential courses based upon principles of A Course in Miracles. "Our mission is to offer you a joyous experience of rebirth and awakening through miracles, forgiveness and the eternal Love of God." Sandy Levey-Lunden and her On Purpose staff of highly-skilled coaches, counselors and facilitators offer both personal coaching and group workshops to get you beyond where you are. Welcome to The Little Garden. We present classes in many formats to help with your study of A Course in Miracles. Our goal is to inspire students of A Course in Miracles to read and study the Course for themselves, and to practice it as written. Nice photographs and inspiration from A Course in Miracles. Time to teach is a proven and set approach towards the fulfillment of your call to express a message of love You are a miracle A weblog of inspired instruction for the spirit.

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