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Lou Fournier Marzeles

"Promise of Purpose"

Listen to Lou's talk recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, Feb. 12th, 2006

Listen to Lou's talk recorded October 27, 2005

Lou Fournier Marzeles,
Author, Researcher & Educator

Lou is the Author of
"The Promise of Purpose"

hosted this evening
by Ellen Sutherland

Most fundamentally, after all the considerations of consciousness, the ego, the symbolism behind the fall of man that this book explores, Purpose is a natural longing for a natural order of things. It is about an Ideal still awaiting fulfillment, a Promise that will allow the human heart to live in ever-expanding, never-ending creative joy."-- The Promise of Purpose

The Promise of Purpose... examines Purpose as an impulse from the Heart of God that manifests throughout all creation. Purpose is the spiritual Big Bang.

 Purpose carries with it qualities and characteristics that reveal a natural, intended order of things. Behind this order is an intention -- Purpose -- and, most significantly, a Promise inherent in that intention.

The book explores how it is that the world today is one of an unnatural, unintended order of things. This world lives in the shadow of what it feels is a broken Promise.

 Most of humanity experiences life through a pseudo-identity called the ego, forced upon it by the turning away of humankind from Truth and reality. The world of ego is called inversion because everything the ego perceives is literally a mirror image -- an inversion -- of the natural, intended order of things.

(Read the first chapter on this site for more on this.)

When we understand how the ego inverts reality, we understand more clearly the true patterns the ego so clumsily simulates. This brings us closer to realizing true Purpose and the Promise behind it.

Brief Biography 

Lou Fournier Marzeles is author of several books, including Enlighten Up! (with Lynell Burmark, ASCD, 2003, Foreword by Dr. David Hawkins), and the acclaimed The Promise of Purpose. He is an Associate in the Thornburg Center, perhaps the best-known and most prestigious education think tank in the U. S., and is a frequent speaker at major conferences on such topics as “Purposeful Use of Music” and “Emanant Leadership.” His insights on music have been filmed by Canter & Associates for a Master's Degree program for  Walden University. Lou is a former editor at The Washington Times, where his writing won him an invitation to the White House as a guest of the president. A collection of his five years of humor columns for Converge magazine was published by Corwin Press in 2003 as What's So Funny About Education? He is also a former senior corporate executive with education technology companies.

Today he writes, teaches, and consults to organizations and businesses on purpose and consciousness. A multiprize-winning songwriter, Lou also composes and performs music professionally. Lou has been known as Lou Fournier for most of his professional life. He took on his birth surname, Marzeles, in recent years. Lou has researched and explored the topics of consciousness and Purpose for as long as he can remember, and quite possibly longer. 

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