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Note: My friend Lyn has an incredible talent for writing and expressing the precepts of ACIM in a humorous way.
Lyn is a writer and artist, currently working as a Technical Writer at CSU in Pueblo, Colorado*.  I love her style!

From: M. Lyn Johnson To: Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 4:26 PMSubject: Re: Where I was coming from.

--- In, "msmithdax" wrote:

> To me you must be willing to accept the
premise that God is all encompassing just to get on the right path.
I have a friend that I asked the question to me "Do you believe God
is  all encompassing"?  He was very careful to answer but did
explain to me that he believe that God created all this and even
though his spirit moves here and abides in people, God himself lives
somewhere else. I was looking for a statement to cause him to
consider the insanity of that premise. Mike>>>> 
Lyn replied:

I know others more knowledgeable than me have answered your
question.  Just looking at it now, I see what I think the issue is.
Your friend cannot fathom how a God who is good made all of this
insanity, and therefore, if God did make it, then he must have left
the building very soon thereafter, before the insanity began....

I perceive that just the opposite is true.  God created us, we snuck
out for a smoke, became horrified that we would think about sneaking
around behind God's back. Instead of realizing that this thought was
absurd, and laughing at it, we made up an insane thought. We
projected that, if He knew, He would be furious, and so we ran away,
creating worlds to hide in, bodies to fool Him, and an insane mind
that believes He could never forgive us.  And the whole time, God
didn't even know we were gone. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit was with
us when we made our insane break.  HS keeps our memory of God alive,
and HS is facilitating the atonement for us.  All we need do is have
the tiniest hope, just a smidge of a desire, and that's what keeps
us going.

Now, we're like the kid who spilled ink on his mom's good rug. 
We're trying everything to clean it up before she gets home, but the
more we rub it, the bigger and blacker it gets. It is seeping down
through the fibers, contaminating the wood floor underneath, seeping
through the foundation and it will soon reach the water table and
pollute the whole world!!!  What ACIM teaches us is that the real
solution to the problem is to (quite literally) run time backwards,
forgiving each thing that happened until we reach the time before we
even had the ink bottle in our hands. Back, back, back to the safe
and peaceful place. We can only do this by noticing the things that
block our peace, and looking at them for what they really are, and
forgiving them away. It's like the big bang -from a tiny seed into
everything in the Universe, collapsing back to that little seed

Anyway, that's how my simple mind sees it.

Love and laughs,

From: M. Lyn Johnson To: Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 12:48 PMSubject: Re: Downside to Kinesealogy

--- In, "ceveazey" wrote:

> This world which we think is solid is, in reality, energy
waveforms which are not only stemming from our minds, but which are
constantly being harmonically linked and relinked, through
consciousness, into our exterior world.  I could have put "exterior
world" in quotes, because it is not really exterior.  We just think
of it that way.  We think that the world is outside us, but in
reality, it is what is in our mind; in fact, it is our mind being
projected, as it were, outside of us.  This is pure illusion.  There
is no outside or inside.  It all is. God is.>>>>>  
Lyn replied:

Personally, I like to think of it as little dancing pixies, holding
hands and singing. They dance together to form planets and clouds
and trees and houses and bodies!!!!  They are wonderful and fun to
speculate about....but they are not God. I invented them as the
building blocks for Lyn's universe, and I like them better than
protons, neutrons, quarks or anything else. Are they any more or
less real than the chemist or physicist's view of the universe? No.

The universe is as we made it, but we are as God created us.  Would
it matter if the world was made of chocolate and maraschino
cherries?  No.  Whatever it is made of, it is illusion, therefore,
not real, no matter what our mind tells us.


From: M. Lyn Johnson To: Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 10:04 PMSubject: Re: Downside to Kinesealogy

--- In, "ceveazey" wrote:

> Right.  "God created man in his own image."  This is the most
baffling sentence ever concocted to boggle man's imagination in
ancient or present time.  Pardon my expression of "ancient or
present time".  Pardon also my expression of "imagination".  Oh
heck, just pardon my expression, period, because it didn't exist. 
Oh dear, I am running out of everything and pretty soon the universe
will disappear.  Pardon my absurdity.  Absurdity is no excuse for
There it is in 7 tiny little words: "God created man in his own
image."  and of course it would be 7 words, no more, no less.
What does "his" refer to?  What is the antecedent in that sentence? 
God or man?  You don't know?  It is both.  Therefore, man created
the universe, but we are as God created us.  There's the conundrum. 
We are both man and God.>>>>>>>>  
Lyn replied:

God created the Son. The Son thought for a flash, "What if????",
realized it was silly, but forgot to laugh. From that tiny
fragmentation came man, the ego, making the vast universe. But, like
the episode of the Power Puff Girls, where the girls made another
sister, but didn't have the right ingredients, what ego made was an
abomination.  Man (ego) "creating" is like Dr. Frankenstein creating
his Prometheus, all of the right parts except for one....the spirit
of the Son.

And, by the way, the "scribe" was a Doctor and a Scientist.  I
believe her scientific training was a part of why she was chosen,
because she wasn't some wild eyed religious fanatic.  As a scientist
myself, I understand....


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* M. Lyn Johnson - Safety Education Specialist, M. Lyn Johnson is a National Environmental Safety and Health Training Association (NESHTA) Certified Environmental Trainer.  Ms. Johnson has over 25 years operations and training experience in mining, manufacturing and government consulting.  She holds a B.A. Degree in Engineering Technology and Manufacturing Quality from Western Illinois University.  She also holds Associates Degrees in Hazardous Materials Technology and Technical Writing from Front Range College.  Experience includes 5 years as a Research Technician for the Climax Mining Company; 10 years as a Metallurgical and Chemical Operator at the Rocky Flats Plant in Golden, Colorado, 5 years as a consultant for the US Department of Energy at various environmental clean up sites throughout the country, and 5 years as a Safety Manager for Cooper Industries and the Trane Company.