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"Embracing the Teaching - Living what you Learn"

Douglas Macintyre

Listen to Doug from ACIM Gather on PalTalk February 23rd, 2008

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"Embracing the Teaching - Living what you Learn"

This presentation will focus on the simplicity of the Course's core teaching and empower participants to apply, rather than intellectualize the teaching.

"This is not a course in the interplay of ideas,
but in their practical application" ~ ACIM

Douglas Macintyre is a therapist, consultant and yoga teacher based in Rochester NY. The founder of Well-Being Therapy and Internal Yoga, Douglas' work focuses on connecting with intuition and following individual conscience. 

A student of ACIM for 25 years,  Douglas has led experiential workshops and retreats on ACIM (and other topics) since the late 1980ís.
at A Camp for Miracles in New Hampshire Mar 28-30th

Camp for Miracles 2008     March 28 - 30  Pilgrim Pines Conference Center,  Swanzey, NH
Presenting: John Nagy, Vicki Poppe, Jon Mundy, Regina Dawn Akers, Douglas Macintyre, Jane Darcy, Doran Dibble, MaryBeth Scalice, Peter Phippen, Nicholas Leonardo Lizza, David Fishman and musical masters, Jody Ebling and Nicolas Villarmizar

The Journey of a Sonship: Our Collaborative Venture

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