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Listen to the Reiki 1 lesson by Melody-Rose recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, July 16, 2005

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Listen to the Reiki 2 lesson by Melody-Rose recorded August 20, 2005

Choku Rei

From Hawayo Takata’s Early Diary


In my attempt to write this essay on the Art of Healing in limited words, I will try to be practical rather than technical, because what I am about to define is not associated with any material being which is visible, nor has a shape, nor name.


I believe there exists One Supreme Being—the Absolute Infinite—a Dynamic Force that governs the world and universe. It is an unseen spiritual power that vibrates and all other powers fade into insignificance beside it. So, therefore, it is Absolute!


This power is unfathomable, immeasurable, and being a universal life force, it is incomprehensible to man. Yet, every single living being is receiving its blessings daily, awake or asleep.


Different teachers and masters call Him the Great Spirit; the Universal Life Force; Life Energy, because when applied it vitalized the whole system; Ether Wave because it soothes pain and puts you into deep slumber as if under an anesthetic, and The Cosmic Wave because it radiates vibrations of exultant feeling and lifts you into harmony.


I shall call it “Reiki” because I studied under that expression. Reiki is a radionic wave like radio. It could be applied locally or as in short wave. A distant treatment could be successfully given.


Reiki is not electricity, nor radium or X-ray. It could penetrate thin layers of silk, linen, porcelain or lead, wood or steel, because it comes from the Great Spirit, the Infinite.


It does not destroy delicate tissues or nerves. It is absolutely harmless, therefore, it is a practical and safe treatment. Because it is a universal wave, everything that has life benefits when treated—plant life, fowls, the animals, as well as human beings, infants or old, poor or rich….


It was God’s plan so he provides us with everything. He gave us hands to use them to apply and heal, to retain physical health and mental balance, to free ourselves from ignorance, and live in an enlightened world, to live in harmony with yourself and others, to love all beings…


Being a universal force from the Great Divine Spirit, it belongs to all who seek and desire to learn the art of healing.


It knows no color, nor creed, old or young. It will find its way when the student is ready to accept. He is shown the way. Initiation is a sacred ceremony and the contact I made. Because we are associating with Divine Spirit, there is no error nor should we doubt. It is Absolute.

(Excerpts from The Usui System of Natural Healing, The Reiki Alliance, January 1985.)

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Melody-Rose: Welcome all
DFishman: Thank You All for JOYning     
RevConnie: So if you are a Master already you shouldn't be here?
ACIMLinda: sure LOVE no problem
RevConnie: oh ok
angelnear: sending you reiki energy to calm you and allow you to share your light with us..
angelnear: power
angelnear: and flowers
ACIMLinda: dis-ease
ACIMLinda: thought of sickness a  thought in the mind
ACIMLinda: harboring
ACIMLinda: and holding onto grievances
ACIMLinda: they manifest in the body
ACIMLinda: blocked energy
LinBestill: remembering "we are not a body
LinBestill: we are still as God created us
ACIMLinda: yes the ego viscious cycle
angelnear: forgetting our perfection
ACIMLinda: this link will provide into that Melody -Rose is now sharing with us
ACIMLinda: Thanks Ivan
ACIMLinda: right they energy appears to be sucked out of you
ACIMLinda: ok that is called Arrows of Dark
ACIMLinda: Arrows of Light ~ Self-Knowledge ~ Self Pleasure
ACIMLinda: Self- Communication ~ Self -Empowerment
ACIMLinda: Aha Arrows of Light equals rightmindedness
ACIMLinda: Rainbow Arrows - Arrows of Service
ACIMLinda: Special kind of Light around your chakras
ACIMLinda: yes a Rainbow of Light around the Chakras
RevConnie: This is a bit different than Usui.
ACIMLinda: Desire   Da  sire  ...means of GOD
RevConnie: Yes
angelnear: I was given reiki symbol by ascended masters the other night... so we all get different gifts
ACIMLinda: How long does it take to remove a dark arrow?  and to they come & go
ACIMLinda: do they come & go ok
ACIMLinda: yes
RevConnie: special relationship = relationship addiction
ACIMLinda: right Kundalini arising
angelnear: yes
ACIMLinda: so in course terms it would correlate with forgiveness
ACIMLinda:  ` Melody-Rose email address
angelnear: intent
ACIMLinda: determine what you are going to do with HS
ACIMLinda: aha Intent & purpose
ACIMLinda: Receive intent with your mind
ACIMLinda: hold the energy of that Thought in your mind
ACIMLinda: until really excited ~ really excited meaning enthusiasm
nycivan: could it apply to finding a new job?
ACIMLinda: This is ONEderful Info
ACIMLinda: thanks   
ACIMLinda: Objectives of healing
ACIMLinda: are these listed on your site melody?
ACIMLinda:   to contact melody & ask questions
ACIMLinda: YES TEXT p. 448 Responsibility for Sight
ACIMLinda:   Returning balance and harmony to the spirit, mind, emotions, and body.
ACIMLinda: Establishing and maintaining the healing potential for the total healing to take place.
ACIMLinda: Creating a positive outlook on life.
ACIMLinda: Providing clarity so that emotional feelings can be willfully expressed and no longer contained inside the body.
ACIMLinda: Directing the client’s focus to realizing consciously that he/she is responsible for their imbalances.
ACIMLinda: Establishing a process (like ACIM) that will provide a means of identification, registering and then coping with the responsibilities of life and eliminating self-destructive actions and thought patterns which undermine clarity.
nycivan:  < diagram
ACIMLinda: from head to toe
ACIMLinda: Crown ~ pineal gland
ACIMLinda: 3rd Eye ~ pituitary ~ Rightmindedness
ACIMLinda: Throat Chakra ~ 5th ~ Thyroid
ACIMLinda: Heart ~ 4th Chakra ~ entering Christ Mind
ACIMLinda: Solar Plexus ~ 3rd Chakra ~ Adrenals ~ manifest Will to good
ACIMLinda: Rainbow energy
ACIMLinda: 2nd Chakra ~ Unification mind Body & Spirit ~ creative
ACIMLinda: 1st ~ gonads sexual glands earth groundedness
ACIMLinda: Happiness & issue to "be here" or not
ACIMLinda:  Isn't also the survival chakra
ACIMLinda: 1.      This system is primarily one of spiritual development/Initiation. When it takes, the spiritual healing dimension follows. It is not, however, the only such system.
ACIMLinda: 2.      One Goal:  The student will exceed the teacher.
ACIMLinda: 3.      There are no embodied Masters of this system. But, there are non-physical “Reiki” Raku Kei/Oversoul/Guidance as a reality at the system’s center.
ACIMLinda: 4.      Raku Kei Reiki is a tool for service to you, to the Earth and Her inhabitants, and to the Divine/Omniverse/God.
ACIMLinda: 5.      Raku Kei Reiki reflects a complete system. Certification enables the Teacher/Initiator to certify others to all levels, including to the old “Grandmaster” level, as long as Inner Contacts are firm. Please consider thoroughly this responsibility.
ACIMLinda: 6.      This system is given freely to those vowing to do likewise.
ACIMLinda: 7. This system is only one of many ways of channeling spiritual healing.
ACIMLinda: The Energy is Universal Intelligence GOD FORCE
ACIMLinda: Highest Order need basically Healed First
ACIMLinda: I believe there is a great cosmic magnet that
ACIMLinda: Manifests as the spirit of truth, love, and light.
ACIMLinda: This cosmic magnet lives in me as part of my Divine nature.
ACIMLinda: I recognize the pure white light in my soul
ACIMLinda: This Holy Spirit in my soul continually guides me
ACIMLinda: In all I think and say and do.
Sunysmile: yes
ONEderful1: I recognize the pure white light in my soul this Holy Spirit in my soul continually guides me in all I think and say and do.
ACIMLinda:  Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.
ACIMLinda: Just for today, I will not worry.
ACIMLinda: Just for today, I will not be angry.
ACIMLinda: Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
ACIMLinda: 3 Degrees in Reiki
angelnear: true
ACIMLinda:  First Degree
ACIMLinda: Permanent attunement to the Reiki ray. Attunement to the Choku Rei, the empowerment symbol. Once initiated, it allows a person to channel the Reiki for healing oneself and others. It requires no special invocation or practice or alteration of the thinking process to turn on the flow of the Reiki.
ACIMLinda:  By simply placing hands on, the heart opens and automatically brings in the energy. The first degree is a requirement to go on in Reiki.
LinBestill: during massages if Reiki is spoken about it will happen
ACIMLinda: Second Degree
ACIMLinda: The student is trained to use appropriate Second Degree symbols which provide an increase of power from the Reiki Ray.
ACIMLinda:  Distant and ]\mental/emotional healing are studied.
ACIMLinda: Third Degree
ACIMLinda: This degree is the level of Reiki Master, a teacher of Reiki.
ACIMLinda: Dr.  Usui started a Reiki organization in Japan soon after rediscovering Reiki. He was the first president. After he died, he was followed by a succession of presidents: Mr. Ushida, Mr. Iichi Taketome, Mr. Yoshiharu Watanabe, Mr. Toyoichi Wanami, Ms. Kimiko Koyama and the current successor to Dr. Usui as of 1998 is Mr. Kondo.
ACIMLinda: Contrary to what has been said by some in the west, there is no "lineage bearer" or "Grandmaster" in the system of healing started by Dr. Usui, only the succession of presidents listed above. While Dr. Hayashi was a respected Reiki master, he was never in charge of the Usui system of Reiki.


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