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June 15, 2007
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May 18, 2007
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May 4, 2007
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The Mind of God


I Am an Idea in the Mind of God;

I let God Express through me.


I Am the Mind of God;

I let the Mind of God Inform me of my Identity.


My body is the Substance of God;

Manifesting in correspondence

 with His Idea.


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Imagine: Level Confusion

Paradigm Shifts: A Survival Manual

Synchronicity: Spirit Gets Your Attention

Imagine: Level Confusion

 Once upon a ‘time’ in a ‘far, far, distant past’, there existed a Mind.  We might call it a ‘brain’; however as there was no ‘physical structure’ or ‘matter’, the term Mind will have to do.

It was alone with It’s own ‘thoughts’, with nothing to ‘do’ but Think.

In It’s boredom, It decided to make up a “what if” game.  What if It could have ‘experiences’ ‘outside’ of Itself?  That might ease the tedium of an ‘eternity’ of ‘mental masturbation’.

What if It Imagined that there were others like Itself?  It could occupy It’s ‘time’ in ‘conversing’ with ‘others’, just like Itself.  It could discuss the nature of reality and perhaps come up with Grand Games that could provide additional distractions.

Since it was Mind, all It could Create with was ‘thought’.  “I could partition my Mind like a hard drive, or an orange, whatever they are”, It thought.  So it did, and Created other Individuations from Itself.

They had such fun!  For vast time periods, They contemplated possibilities and potentials in a huge auditorium that They Imagined.  They also Imagined breaking up into committees and sub-committees where each possibility was considered in depth.

They also talked about techniques for broadening Their experiences.  In the Physical Reality sub-committee, being held just off the main corridor, third door on the left, an Individuation shouted, “I’ve got it!”

The Son of God continued, “Do you remember a few eons ago We were toying with the idea of holograms?  Well, what if We Imagined that there was a physical existence.  We could have holograms simulating physical structure.”

That’s a great idea, Paul!” said the Son of God named Mark.  “And We can Imagine another structure that is bright and warm to give it a homey atmosphere”.

“Are We going to imagine these planets as flat or round?” asked Luke

          “Let’s imagine that they are flat and then We can imagine them as round later” replied Mathew, “We can have it both ways.  That should keep it interesting”.

          “Let’s imagine a whole bunch of bright planets We’ll call stars”, Mary said excitedly.  “Then at night, We can see brilliant points of light in the darkness.”

          And in the Thought, it was so!  <In Their Imagination>

          “What if”, Ramtha asked, “We populate this planet with holograms that think they are real, like the holodeck of the Enterprise?  Then We could project Our awareness into them.  We could then imagine what it’s like to breath, watch sunsets and rainbows and lay under an apple tree in some garden somewhere.”

          “Then they could eat the apples and fall deeply asleep, like Snow White”, said Moe and Curly simultaneously.  They were the practical jokers of the sub-committee.

          “Hey!  That’s not a bad idea!  Eating the apple would cause them to have a ‘fall’ of consciousness.  We could pretend that we have families and create all kinds of melodramas” added Paul.  We could play ‘cowboys and Indians’ or ‘cops and robbers’.  We could make up all kinds of plays and see what the outcomes are.  Imagine the fun We can have pretending that We are ‘doing’ instead of just Being!”

          “But what if We forget who We are?” asked Thomas, always the doubter.  “We might get stuck there.  Or at least seem to.”

          “Ah”, Gibran said sagely.  “That would be most interesting!  How marvelous it might be to think you are only a body and spend thousands of lifetimes having glorious experiences.  When we get tired, we can take vacations, why don’t we call it ‘death’, before we go back and play again.”

          “But how can we have thousands of lifetimes when there is no ‘time’ and We are just imagining it right here?” asked Thomas.

          “Don’t be such a goof, Thomas”, said Einstein rather petulantly.  “Can’t you imagine thousands of your selves?  That’s what Our Father did to Create Us.

          “These selves would be ‘happening’ simultaneously, right here in our Minds.  Well, Our Father’s Mind really, as we are just Individuations of His.

“Once these selves forget that they are really Us, then they can believe that what they see with their eyes is real and that the holograms they are touching are ‘solid’.

          “When We want the game to end, We can plant a seed that there is something more than the physical body.  As they start to wake up, they will start questioning and being confused with the Nature of Reality.  They will confuse the level of the physical reality with the level of Reality.”

          “And that’s what will be called a paradox.”

          “He thinks, therefore he must be”, teased Garfield.  “Good for you Thomas.  Yes, a ‘paradox’ isn’t really a paradox.  There isn’t any such thing.  It’s just level confusion.”

          “But wait a minute.  Let me get this straight.  Is the hologram real, or is this real?” asked Thomas, loosing his moment of brilliance.

          “They’re *both* real”, replied Einstein more patiently, “since We’re concocting this shtick.  The material world will be manifested, or Caused, out of the immaterial world.  That makes it *real*.  The material world will receive its grounding, err, validation, from the immaterial world.  The material world being a hologram, is a world of effect; all cause comes from the immaterial world.  When humans ‘die’, they will simply change their vibrational state, like moving from the 3rd to the 4th dimension.  They will still ‘see’ other beings and buildings and the like, they will just be *perceived* differently.  This may cause some confusion for a short ‘time’, but they’ll get over it.”

          “In essence, when mankind begins to wake up, they will move from Homo sapiens, man who thinks, to Homo spiritus, God-man” explained Ramtha.

          “Like, wow, man!  Like that is so cool!” Cher exclaimed excitedly.  “So like, it’s impossible to see the nature of a Being from within the Being.”  Sonny gave her a surprised look of respect.

          “Like man moves into an area of ‘not God’ to see a greater perspective of All That Is!  Far out!!”

          Sonny found his voice.  “In living his life, in like a classroom say, he gets to experience the effects of his thoughts; his beliefs really.  Because of his sloppy, ‘unconscious’ thinking, he gets to deal with the unpleasant effects of what he has created.  So he begins thinking ‘There must be a better way’.  As his consciousness increases and his thoughts become more cogent”...

“Show of!” thought Cher and wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue at Sonny.

“…he begins examining his thoughts and belief systems more clearly.  In essence, he’s going thru a conscious process of becoming Who or What he already Is.  In doing it consciously, he has a greater understanding of the nature of Consciousness and Being then We do, and can therefore teach others better than We could since We haven’t gone thru the process consciously.  Yeah man, I can dig it!”

“Yes, and they will be able to stay with their bodies, that are *real*, even though they are composed of thought, until they reach the level of Avatar.  At this point, they have too much energy; their bodies can’t hold it all, so they have to resurrect” said Ramtha, completing the Thought… And there was Light…


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Paradigm Shifts: A Survival Manual


Let’s begin by defining terms.


Paradigm Shift - (pair uh dime shift) 1. a profound and irreversible change to a different model of behavior or perception. 2. an epiphany with staying power.


Karma - the law of cause and effect.  For every action, there is a reaction; a consequence. This is a Universal law, and is unchanging and beyond our control. What is within our control is the action we do or the cause we set into motion, and the attitudes with which we deal with the reactions or effects.

Karma is neither good nor bad; it is the applications we make of it which makes it into a negative or positive influence in our lives. Karma was never intended as a system of rewards and punishments. The intent of the law of karma is to teach us that we are personally responsible for our lives, and to help us learn to live in harmony with the Universe.


            In 1962, Thomas Kuhn wrote The Structure of Scientific Revolution, and fathered, defined and popularized the concept of "paradigm shift"

          As Michelle Dixon writes, “Change is inevitable; growth is optional”.  No growth occurs as long as one stays in their comfort zone; to stay in one’s comfort zone is to stay stuck in the same paradigm.

          It takes a great deal of drive, desire, intention, not to mention courage, to live a life outside of a comfort zone; “outside of the box”, yet as the Buddha said:

“Rare is it to be born a human being, rarer still to have heard of Enlightenment, and even rarer still to pursue it.”

Lao-tse phrased it this way:

“When they hear of the Way, the highest minds practice it; the average minds think about it and try it now and then; the lowest minds laugh at it.  If they did not laugh at it, it would not be the Way.”

And David R. Hawkins in "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment" on page 303 writes:

“It is actually extremely rare for a human to be committed to spiritual truth to the degree of seriously seeking Enlightenment, and those who do make the commitment do so because they are actually destined for Enlightenment.”


          Please take note of the word ‘destined’.  It takes a commitment far beyond the ordinary to follow the Path to Enlightenment!

          78% of the world’s population follows a path destructive to life; how easy it is to look at the world and call it “insane”; to blame everyone else for the troubles of the world.  It is life without Integrity (below 200 on the Hawkins ‘Map of Consciousness’)[1].   It lacks integrity because it lacks the Courage to come out of denial and take Responsibility for all thoughts and actions. 

          Below 200, negative karma is increased; ‘bad’ choices are routinely made.  It is only when total responsibility is taken for one’s life, above 200, that karma is ‘worked off’.  And if you think it’s comfortable to work off karma, Dear Ones…!

          Imagine a huge, stinking mound of dung (doo-doo, poo, number 2, merde, feces, excrement, shit) the size of a small mountain, and you are standing there with a child’s small yellow aluminum sand shovel and small red plastic bucket, looking up to the very tippy-top and Knowing that every bit of it needs to be shoveled.

          Jesus said, “When you have the belief, you will be able to say to a mountain (in your mind) ‘Move mountain’, and it will move’”, but first, you will have to use your shovel and bucket to clear the karma, one forgiveness at a time.

          Is it easy; heck no!!!  That’s why “the average minds think about it and try it now and then; the lowest minds laugh at it “ and “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it”.

          Effective methods for clearing karma will be dealt with at another time.  Right now, it’s important that We talk about the pain, confusion and often panic that *will* surface when the ego is yanked out of its comfort zone when sufficient karma is cleared to have a Paradigm Shift.

          It’s necessary to look at techniques for dealing with the ego’s emotional reaction to the paradigm shift first, not only to lower the resistance so the pain is lessened, but to learn to welcome the confusion, disharmony and discontinuity as a sure sign that another plateau; a higher level of consciousness is just days or weeks away!

          A paradigm doesn’t change from one thing to another; the new paradigm contains the old, like ‘Russian nesting dolls’, one inside the other.  Stated mathematically, the set of the old paradigm is a sub-set of the new paradigm.  It’s also like children that blow bubbles inside of bubbles inside of bubbles.

          “The pain we feel is a measure of our resistance”; the more pain that is being experienced, the more the ‘lesson’ is being resisted. 

          It comes on like this.  First, the world makes sense.  You’re trucking along on this growth plateau and, all of a sudden, it feels like you smack into a ‘brick wall’!  You feel really confused or perhaps the sadness is so intense you can’t stop crying.  If you normally feel self-assured of a Connection with God, now you might feel like there’s no ‘dial-tone’ and God has deserted you.

          Let Us explain what’s happening.  There is a set of beliefs, ideas, concepts; an ‘operating system’ really, by which you have assessed your reality and made your choices.  But, like a snake that has to shed it’s skin because it’s too restrictive and limiting, you have to experience confusion because the old ‘rules’ by which you have made your choices no longer seems to make any sense.  In other words, the operating system needs to be upgraded.

          Parents will recognize that children have “growing pains”.  It is understood that rapidly maturing children and teenagers shift paradigms; sometimes at an alarming rate.  However, after we have ‘grown up’, we think we are done with growing pains; on the Path to Awakening, that is hardly true!

          So when you stay in the ‘Now’ and stay out of denial; to maintain vigilance as the A Course in Miracles states, as each paradigm shift is moved through, it becomes realized that the confusion, the Dark Night of the Soul, *always* leads to greater freedom and intensity of Love- “Out of the Darkness into the Light” said Dr. Gerald Jampolsky.

As the confusion begins to develop, instead of thinking “Oh Shit!!  Not again!!!”, there is, instead, a joyful opening and a feeling of success.  “Thank you God for Leading me again through my ‘desert work’; “Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow I will fear no evil…”.

          Ralph Blum in his “Book of Runes” said “Don’t suffer over your suffering”.  That is difficult at first, especially as the ego LIKES to suffer!  It thrives on the excitement of the drama and juices all it can out of the negativity.

          We have all heard people comparing their aches, pains, surgeries and hospitalizations.  Caroline Myss, a Medical Intuitive, in her book “Why People Don't Heal and How They Can” refers to this as “wound bonding”.

          That the ego likes its own suffering and the suffering of others explains ‘Reality TV’ and talk shows like “Jerry Springer” where individuals, families and friends are pitted against each other and have violent squabbles on television.  Individuals go on national television with the express purpose of exposing the ‘skeletons in their closet’.

          Our culture is full of references to suffering.  We laugh at cartoons like “Cathy” with her guilt inflicting, martyr mother and “Peanuts” with poor ol’ Charlie Brown.

          The ego likes getting the last drop of enjoyment out of suffering; juicing. That explains why tabloids are hung in racks in checkout lines where long waits are typical.

Paradigm Shifts are an indication that karma is being cleared; that the Soul is Learning and Healing.  In order to move through paradigm shifts quickly and easily, it is necessary to surrender, or give up, the masochistic love of drama.  Those of us, who are serious about Awakening, MUST stop taking personally the pain felt from resistance.


          <This is me, Bobbie Michelle, now>.  When the going gets really tough and I feel like giving up, I always remind myself that, if I do give up, I’m going to have to do it again next lifetime and it will probably be harder and more painful.  It would just be simpler to do whatever it takes this lifetime and just be done with it!


          There are a few simple rules to survive paradigm shift.  Let’s do a review:


  • Recognize that paradigm shifts or “growing pains” are essential for the individual seeking Enlightenment.  It isn’t personal, it’s just what happens when one’s level of consciousness increases.

  • “Pain is a measure of resistance”, the greater the resistance, the greater the pain.  In order to reduce the pain,

  • Relax and Trust the Process; Trust God, because,

  • You are either worshiping the ego or worshiping God.

  • Choose excitement, not dread, when you feel a paradigm shift coming on; you’ve earned it with your hard work.

  • Express Gratitude, lots and lots and lots of gratitude because, as Dr. Hawkins teaches, “Most people’s consciousness level never changes by more than about 5 points in an entire lifetime!”  Those of us on the Path of Awakening will, hopefully, have a consciousness that elevates by a hundred points or more.


[See also: Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss] 


[1]  See


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Synchronicity: Spirit Gets Your Attention


It’s easy to say that Holy Spirit leads us or gives us lessons.  “Everything is a lesson God would have me learn”, is a basic tenet of “A Course in Miracles”.  “Ok, but *how* do I find the lesson??!”, you might be shouting.

It’s not important to know how Holy Spirit gives the lessons; in fact, it would be a distraction.  It is, however, *vitally important* to learn how to recognize the lesson.

A person who is firmly entrenched in their ego, like a person just starting their spiritual journey, is oblivious; they aren’t looking for any guidance because they have no idea that it’s possible.

Some of the basic spiritual books give advice like “Ask in a prayer, and an answer will come within 3 days.  It might be on a billboard or the headline of a newspaper lying discarded on the bench beside you.  It might come in lyrics of a song or words shouted by children on a playground, but it will come within 72 hours.”

While that’s excellent advice for people on an ‘ordinary’ spiritual path, those of us on the Path to Enlightenment need more complete and detailed information.

As Dr. David R. Hawkins says in "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness"1 on page 309, “The progression of the evolution of consciousness is activated by the combination of intention plus attention.”  Having the intention is the easy part; it’s the staying focused, the attention, that is really tough.

“I tried to talk to him, but I just couldn’t get through to him (or reach him)” is a commonly heard expression.  It means that the ego is in complete control at that time and there is no attention for other information.

“Have you heard the joke about the mule skinner that carries a 2x4 with him?  He has the smartest mule in the world, but first he has to get the mule’s attention.”  It might sound funny, but that’s kind of what Holy Spirit does with us; Holy Spirit is our ‘mule skinner’ until we open to synchronicity.

Back about 20 years ago, I was so oblivious, that Holy Spirit had to ‘drop a house on me’ to get my attention.  I call that era my ‘zombie years’; the walking dead.  I was fired from job after job, perhaps 10 in all.  I was fired for just causes, but that wasn’t important.  What is important is that They, my Spirit Family, were trying to get my attention.

As time went on and spiritual growth deepened, They used progressively less force; ’bricks’, ‘2x4’s’, ‘hickory switches’ and finally now, We have discussions.  They no longer have a need to “get my attention”.

Once we are paying attention, we can easily see the Synchronicities that lead us. 

The word, synchronicity, was coined by the eminent Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.  Synchronicity, or ‘Divine Coincidence’ might be thought to be a once in awhile thing; however, it’s The Way Things Are.

Dr. David R. Hawkins on pg 11 of “Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden” writes, “All exists effortlessly in its own place, and everything is sequenced in synchronicity.  The miraculous is continuous.  The details of life mysteriously accommodate themselves spontaneously.”

James Redfield’s book “Celestine Prophecy” gives more complete examples of synchronicity than can be done in a short essay.  It also explains the 4 basic personality types and how they manipulate to get love.  The first book in the series is a ‘must read’ for entry level spiritual students.

Let’s look at some of the ways Spirit ‘gets your attention’ before synchronicities are instantly recognized for what they are, and followed immediately.

I was working as a fulltime volunteer, creating an organization that would serve the poor and homeless in a hundred mile radius.  I told the Executive Director, “I was Called to help you!  I am yours, body and soul, until Holy Spirit Calls me elsewhere”.  Ooops!  I worked there for almost 2 years, but my Spirit Family ‘hit me with a brick’ to slow me down because I had become so obsessed in building it; I was doing it to gratify my ego and not as a gift to God.  I had stopped Listening to Spirit.  I wound up in a hospital bed in my living room for 9 months; my foot crumbled from Diabetes.  But the blessing is that it was that ‘hardship’; the time alone with nothing but "A Course in Miracles" and the Voice of God, that opened me to the current level of consciousness2.   A Universal Truth is that there are NO hardships; EVERYTHING is a blessing.

We saw a friend working long hours, getting a lot of overtime.  They got a cold followed by another cold, followed rapidly by the flu; yet they continued to work and stress out.  We told them “Spirit is trying to get your attention.  If you keep this up, you’re going to wind up in the hospital!”  In less than 2 weeks, they were in the hospital having major abdominal surgery.

Later they asked me, “You see everything, don’t you?  How did you know??!”  After getting ‘slammed’ with ‘houses’ and ‘bricks’ and ‘2x4’’s’, it was easier to just pay attention to the synchronicities and be Led by Spirit.

Let’s say that you always take Ken Wapnick tapes with you when you drive on long trips.  This time, you fuss and fume at yourself for being a total ass for forgetting the tapes that you have already memorized.  So you turn on the radio and push buttons to find the least objectionable thing to listen to.  “But it’s NOT Ken Wapnick!” you continue to fume!

Ooops!  “There are no accidents”.  Look at the synchronicity.  You didn’t “forget”; your remembering was blocked.  Hours and hours driving on the open road with plenty of time to meditate, contemplate and Listen to the Internal Teachers was Given.  Whether it is accepted or no is up to the self <lowercase>.

Uninitiated society explains, “When one door closes, another one opens.  Don’t beat your head on closed doors!”  If we translate that into spiritual verbiage, “Holy Spirit ended one lesson but Created a Path to continue your education.  You can either recognize the synchronicity of how the Path ‘changed directions’ or you can sabotage yourself by repeatedly doing what the ego wants.  But if you do that, all you’re going to experience is *pain* because you are *resisting* the Path.”

There is an old man in the neighborhood that delights in Serving.  He looks for ways he can help the elderly and disabled.  He puts trashcans back without being asked.  He mows yards but only accepts payment if you have the money to spare.   He had been supported by SSI, a form of subsistence income for people with a disability; however it stopped suddenly.

Because “there are no coincidences” and “everything is sequenced in synchronicity”, We said to him, “You are a Child of God and delight in Serving other Children of God.  You recognize that you have no ‘wants’ and all of your ‘needs’ are met.  Holy Spirit gives us lessons; so what is your Lesson?  Why did Holy Spirit stop your SSI?  The SSI refusal papers say you can work; you *are* a hard worker!  But you would rather work for a pack of cigarettes instead of getting paid what you’re worth!!!  Why do you feel the need to do penance?  As a Child of God, why do you feel unworthy?”  The poor man looked like he was hit by a freight train!  That’s the way Spirit works.  But the synchronicity was obvious to those who know how to look.

This morning, the phone rang 2 hours before I usually get up.  It was a wrong number, but it could have been a telemarketer or anything.  I had the option of grumbling or getting angry but; “there are NO coincidences!  EVERYTHING happens in synchronicity”.

The night before, there had been a discussion about how more time was needed to write essays and do one on one teaching.  In the fogginess of sleep while the caller was being wished a great day, it was recognized that this was a ‘wakeup call’ from Spirit to get out of bed and write.

As my head flopped back onto the pillow, there was a processing; a vigilance as the A Course in Miracles calls it.  I ‘porpoised’ in and out of consciousness; a light ‘sleep’, each time I ‘surfaced’ I recognized that some part of me was having a discussion or being ‘taught’, at a different level of reality, the nature of synchronicities and how this essay should be revised.

10 minute ‘naps’ were taken as the ‘teaching’ continued.  There was an option of getting angry with myself for staying in bed ‘sleeping’ when I knew Spirit wanted me to get up and write; however, there is no place for anger, guilt or shame in consciousness raising work.  “EVERYTHING is a lesson I must learn”.  After one hour of ‘snoozing’, I was out of bed and at my computer, coffee mug in hand, writing this an hour earlier than usual.

I tell people that I have “a Ph.D. from HKU in Applied Spirituality and Mysticism”.  Good old Hard Knock University!  Traditional universities and theological seminaries can only teach rational information; information in the 400’s and below on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness2

There is a lot of information in the Preface of “A Course in Miracles”.  It clearly states, “At the end, the reader is left in the hands of his or her own Internal Teacher Who will direct all subsequent learning as He sees fit.”  Translating that into the language of Applied Spirituality, “The purpose of the Course is to Create Visionaries who instantly see synchronicities and Listen exclusively to the Voices of God Within; and follow Its Direction in All Things.”  *Vision*, root of Visionary, can *not* be taught from books but can *only* be taught from Within.

Rob Whitebright and I are currently working on an essay “Scholar vs. Visionary” that will be presented in an upcoming sharing.


1 See Dr. David Hawkins material on consciousness research at 

2 A map of consciousness can be found at


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