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Listen to John's teaching from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, May 6, 2007

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Our Guest Teacher: 
John S. Nagy
Teacher, Author, Counselor, Inspiration,
 Topic: "Guiltless"

His newly published book, GUILTLESS

John Nagy's--Guiltlessnow available!

Guiltless captures the reader by presenting the antidote to fear, shame, stuckness and deep underlying guilt.  We all have these feelings, but unless faced and understood, very little will change through the course of one's lifetime.

Karen Casey says, "This book is full of gems. On every page, there is a tool for better living. The reader's life will be made easier, one page at a time, one gem at a time.  Everyone will benefit from this book!

Tom Carpenter says, In his book, John reveals the tendency to treat guilt as an occasional feeling, when in fact it is the very foundation of our belief system.  I so appreciate that he has tackled the subject and given it the in-depth study it deserves."

Please join me through my "crossover roadmap" to peace and deep healing offered in everyday language and examples.  You'll be comforted from the very start, and soon will trust your own innocence.  Now, the road to healing can begin, and peace and fulfillment are at hand  just waiting to be embraced.

                                                                                         Gratitude and blessings to you all, John

"Guiltless" takes on the glaring guilt problem we all need to face, but too often resist.

 If you are ready to break free, go to, and order your copy.

Or, to order directly, e-mail John at:

 $12.95 plus $1.60 for shipping

ISBN 978-0-9728504-1-4

John S. Nagy is Chairman of the Philanthrophic Quest Foundation

His site:

JOHN NAGY, is a Sponsor/Presenter at ACIM Conference in San Francisco.

Quest Foundation is a membership foundation. Its mission is to support, in the Northeastern region of the United States, the study and practice of those principles of spirituality as expressed in A Course In Miracles and Attitudinal Healing, and to provide support and services to individuals and groups that share these principles through service to their communities.

We are Happy to have JOHN S. NAGY as our Guest Teacher at ACIM Gather.
We are Grateful to his Commitment to The Restoration of The Sonship
and the Success & Healing of All who are Fortunate 
to have met John Nagy on their path.
 ~Dov*Linda~ One Mind Foundation


 Guiltless gets rid of the glaring guilt problem we to often fear  guilt goeslove is!

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