Nothing More, or Less
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Nothing More, Nothing Less
Who is it that is meditating?  If you sit and close your eyes and search forever, you will never find a meditator.  For what reason do you meditate? 
So while you are there expecting, or even trying to be open for enlightenment, nothing will happen.  The anticipation alone is enough to guarantee that.  Anticipation is a function of the mind, which is attached to memory of the past or expectations of what will happen in the future.  While this is occurring, there can be no possibility of anything else arising.  In one way, I can say to you that you can meditate or not meditate, it makes no difference.
When you come to see and understand the nature of "what is," its simplicity, its immediacy, its uniqueness, and its transience, then it is also understood that there is no point in formal meditation.  You're sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and the thought comes, "I will go meditate."  Then you see that there is simply no point because where you are is "what is."  What is is, and so why go to find it upstairs?  When this is embraced, it is possible that it will be recognized that what you are is absolute awareness---nothing more, nothing less.
Tony Parsons