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Introduction to ‘ONE VOICE’

What is the purpose of the lessons of One Voice?

Through these lessons an opportunity is offered to choose once again to release all attachments to duality (right or wrong). Duality, of course, being the illusion of reality our mental projection of guilt brings forth.  In simple terms, we are asked to give our willingness to awaken to the truth of our being.   Jeshua, in the lessons, given to Denisa, has offered us the opportunity to join with him, through these lessons, in singing the joyous song of this awakening.


What form does this take?

We are commingling our words, feelings, experiences and images in love's spirit.  Blending our different expressions of the One Love that permeates what is all about us and in us.  Michael often refers to this as the seamless sea of loving synchronicity. 


How did this come about?

In this spirit of love and unity, Denisa, Jeshua, Michael, Janistara begin commingling. Denisa, through her personal relations with Jeshua, shares her ongoing communications with all freely.  Jan Istara, also, freely, continues to share the individualized channeled messages from Creator Source/ALL THAT IS that have been coming through her for the past thirty-four years. She also supplies beautiful illustrations.  Michael feels a constant unity with Jeshua which inspires him to speak the truth of our Oneness with Jeshua, all creation and our Creator God. 


Where is all this leading?

These lessons are offered freely in the spirit that giving is receiving. We know that this is a way to help all to awaken from the dream of separation from each other and our Creator God.

These are steps to the complete atonement (at- one- ment).  Atonement being the point in time when time ceases, when space collapse, when synchronicity is not needed since our consciousness has risen out of the ashes of duality and like the phoenix is soaring to heights and dimensions of thrillingly beautiful fields of conscious awareness.


How do I do these lessons?

Just read these as One Voice speaking to you and through you.  Let it be as if you are tasting a delicious soup or cake that has many different ingredients but one name to call forth the remembrance of that blended taste.  Still, while this is so, a discriminating taster may still notice the purity and willing surrender of each distinct ingredient. Let your intuitive guidance direct you to whatever and wherever this tasting might lead as you take in this delicious blend of loving expressions


This one voice is the ONE VOICE for love that is within us. All are encouraged to add their own personal voice to this blend in any way their intuition guides them.  We will be creating a new blend but still the ONE VOICE will be speaking. 

Lesson One:     Allowance - part 1   Allowance - part 2

Lesson Two:    Desire - part 1   Desire - part 2

Lesson Three:  Surrender - part 1   Surrender - part 2   Surrender - part 3

Lesson Four:     Patience - part 1   Patience - part 2

Lesson Five:      Control - part 1

Lesson Six:        E-Motion - part 1   E-Motion - part 2

Lesson Seven:  Judgment - part 1   Judgment - part 2

Lesson Eight:    Love - part 1    Love - part 2

Lesson Nine:     Living in the Now - part 1   Living in the Now - part 2

Lesson Ten:       Peace - part 1   Peace - part 2

Lesson Eleven:   Gratitude - part 1   Gratitude - part 2

Lesson Twelve:    Passion - part 1   Passion - part 2

Lesson Thirteen:   Joy - part 1   Joy - part 2

Lesson Fourteen:   Knowingness - part 1   Knowingness - part 2

Lesson Fifteen:       Grace as Reality - part 1   Grace as Reality - part 2

Lesson Sixteen:       Silence - part 1   Silence - part 2

Lesson Seventeen: Allowance II - part 1   Allowance II - part 2

Lesson Eighteen:    Why Forgiveness - part 1   Why Forgiveness - part 2

oh, yes

we are birthing

the holy child
we are throwing up
all the guilt
and fear and regret
and unworthiness
we thought was real
all judgment of sin
all judgment of blame
as we cradle the babe
in the rocking
and swaying of our love

michael for us all


An Easter Gift











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