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ACIM Gather / PalTalk Access Instructions

What is PalTalk?
PalTalk is a website that provides software which makes it possible to have group meetings (of any size) using your computer as a voice and text communication tool. Itís a cross between a text only chat group and a voice only telephone. The great benefit of PalTalk is that we can join with each other and have meetings in the comfort and convenience of our own homes.

The PalTalk software is easy to use and completely for free. The only thing you have to do is register to use it. Click here to find out more about this simple process.

Your computer needs to have working speakers and, if you want to talk also, a working microphone. If you don't have a mic you can type your questions / comments for all to see in the room's text box. Test your equipment before hand. You can do this easily by using Windows Voice Recorder from the Start->Programs->Accessories->Entertainment menu.

PalTalk meetings are always held at the same location:

  • Open Website:
  • Select Group: Distance Learning Group
  • Select Room: ACIM Gather, for A Course In Miracles

Follow these easy instructions to get signed on to PalTalk:

MAC users click this link:

1. Go to and, on the Home Page, go to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

2. Then follow steps 1, 2 & 3 to DOWNLOAD, INSTALL and REGISTER.
Fill out the form that pops up.
(Hint: It really helps to use a Nickname that closely matches your name and/or email address, so others in the room can easily identify you.)

3. Access the PalTalk Software.
(Double-click the little Blue Icon on your Desktop.) 

4. A Window at the upper left opens up.
Enter the Nickname & Password you have chosen. Hit enter.
(Bypass the advertising for other Products offered, like PLUS.)

5. Click on the ROOMS tab at the top of that Window.
When the Rooms Window opens, go down to DISTANT LEARNING and click on it.
(You can also click on CHAT ROOMS ...and then DISTANT LEARNING.)

6. When Distant Learning opens up... you will see many Rooms...
Go to "ACIM Gather, for A Course In Miracles"... Click on it... AND
(Bookmark as Favorite for an easier access next time.)

That's it!   ...and, as David says, JOYnUS and EnJOY!

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