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Peace Pilgrim:
An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk

Scripted and edited by Night Lotus Productions

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Peace Pilgrim, An American Sage
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Thanks to the film's editor,
Sharon Janis of Night Lotus Productions.

This is a powerful documentary about an extraordinary woman, At age 44, Mildred Norman left her life circumstances and became Peace Pilgrim -- walking coast to coast for peace for nearly 30 years, living on faith and sharing her wisdom and exhuberance generously with people across the land. This 60-minute documentary is a poetic and musical exploration of her life and message, which is as relevant today as ever. Also included are interviews with Dalai Lama, Maya Angelou, John Robbins, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, and many of Peace Pilgrim's friends, admirers, and relatives, along with newsreel footage from the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's, when Peace was on her walk for peace.

In harmony with Peace Pilgrim's non-covetous ways, the Friends of Peace Pilgrim Foundation's all-volunteer crew has been publishing and offering an abundance of materials by and about Peace Pilgrim for decades, including her classic "In Her Own Words" (which you can also read online HERE) and this video documentary -- all materials are offered without charge, although of course it is donations that help keep this offering possible.


You can find more information or order a copy of this video from:
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