Thomas Pine Perceval
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King Lion heehaw assafryin
Carryin mamas time and daddas time
Burro beast of burden;

Iamanassforsure and here der wassa
Foreclosure on my soul conscience
As I limp along and only know other hobo companions.

I know to do the thing I see
Be happy as I'm growing
Forget the seed and play my part

Playin makes dem happy
And dis da parents time for me
Now change new confident; after all, they're not God

I see a mane; I hear a roar
Sense what God has meant for me
Roaring takes away da heebee anda geebees

As I memba God-child seed in me
Lightened burden shows my parents limitations
Dis my time with God, not my mama and dada

So many live whole life without transformation
Die at 80 live life as burro beast of burden
Ungrateful slaves for fear of lions; anda lyin and pretendin

Brown Flowers

When I am scared and hurting and with bitterness and guilt

I turn myself right upside down and stare with ostrich view

Others look like dirty flowers sitting on their sun dried tears

Blame silly flowers for hiding their beauty and sweet aroma

I forget the dirtier the soil the brighter the flower blossoms

Brown rivers flow in heaven when dry eyes fill with silt

We can become the fertilizer for taller flowers reaching

With fear we appear, not as Gods children, but brown flowers

Blue Grass

Before the yellow flowers came I swear the grass was green

If I were blue the yellow flowers seem to make me envy

The flowers celebrate and mirror only when I'm happy

It's when I share my yellow, your envy seems to make me blue

Bone Rattle

Skin and bones grow fat and round with winter wool don't make a sound

Bones don't rattle, still seem skinny, hiding out in bone city

See the bones and inner structure, jaw bone flappin with no tongue

What's been added, X-ray vision, eye holes dark and bummy missin

Take a look, we're not so different, without the rest, our bones do rattle

Paint the skin and add the bulges, sex it up, enjoy a tickle

Organ kit with many systems hooked together, add a soul and feelings

Now we're ready to think different as we walk away from where we're headed

Words and pictures shade our mind, and chill our soul, with wrong direction

Blind eyes don't see our selves; deaf ears pick up only difference

Soul seeing through sharing feelings helps like X-ray vision

Any jaw a flappin in honest bones no rattle, is fun to be togedda

Widout Conscience

BooHoo da soun wen child scard an cry
Boo da soun wen child fryin
Da child alreddy cookin wid hate
An everone roun livin dat wa togedda

Wen sum one in my face wid dat hate
Dey cookin an fryin up dark date
Da Boo widout da Hoo is da SINe
We in dark rock soup togedda

Tears inside get thick an thicka
Boo get blackr an blo wid anger
Red hot lava b cold an black lata
We go silent all black an crusty

Lava rock ded sharp an holey
Red hot tear soup boil dry an silent
Den we do tings bad to hert uddas
Da I'm sorry it neva get spoken

Wen we preten we not hot inside
We b da soul robba togedda
Da holes in da black roks wher usta b
Dat Hoo wid da Boo, dat child conscience

The Experience

I saw a vision. I saw a man sitting quietly. This figure was
contemplative and looking toward me and off to one side. As his head
turned about 30 degrees, color and paint shot out of his eyes onto a
blank environment in the new direction of his contemplation. These
colors magically formed objects and a scene that appeared in front of
him. It was his world on the outside generated by a part of him
inside. Simultaneously, a cascade of stardust sprinkled around and in
me the "meditator". I felt the joy and harmony that angels must feel.
I cried for a couple of hours and for days I felt exalted, bathing in
the stardust of the truth I was granted:

My Eyes Paint a Picture of Me

My eyes paint my world in the colors of my heart;
My dreams and my visions have become a work of art;
All that is inside me turns to every thing I see.
I am you; you are me;
Let me see.

My fears and my judgments become children spouse and friend;
All I think is real is merely what's inside of me;
Everything's a lesson, Freedom in humility;
I am you; you are me;
Let me see;

Life's a house of mirrors the creator paints through me;
When I accept all others I accept that part in me;
The beauty of my spirit is who I want to be.
I am you; you are me;
Let me see.
I am you; you are me;
Let me see.

Cool in the Shade

I am with you all the time and you hardly notice me even though God
and I are the only ones you can depend on for sure to always be right
here with you

Cool vision turn toward me and let the light shine all around you and
me; let your eyes relax and give your soul a break

If anger is a hot day then cool off in the shade and splash in the
mud in the discovery adventure of your shadow

It is cool to be honest and when you are congruent; Shakti flows in
authentic relief that catches Gods attention, and He will make us

Everything we need to return home is given to us in the suitcase of
our shadow and I am really here to help; without me you would appear
not to look real

Pretending I don't exist is just more pretending and when my suitcase
never opens hot days give no relief, and actors come and go forever

Fear will make you think love shrinks us, but love is really very
expansive and we will appear to disappear when we envelop even our

Ego tells us we are cold and aloof to forgive and forget, but
expansive love exponentially increases our compassion and service
becomes automatic

We act lost in cool shades and we better keep our bags packed for
many trips to learn to finally get honest and humble, and it gets
confusing and painful to play so many parts

Dance with me, your shadow, and play in the mud with humor and
abandon and wake up from indifference that comes from living in your

I am your best friend on your long road home, and I constantly direct
you to the light; find the shade and be cool and I promise a new

Take off your shades and look into my cool face, and I will help you
choose everyone and everything is Truly here, like you, to help

Pop Corn Kittens

If I am going to make friends with every thing I imagine, then I may
as well play the game on game to turn tigers into pop corn kittens

Kaboomba magic sends messages and I notice that it is easier to think
of "pop, pop" and say meow it hurts just a little, than to try and
kill scary tigers

Sharp little claws hurt less if I learn to play more gently, and see
the reality of me out there when meow can turn to purr, as we embrace
and play together

Pop corn is good and the smell reminds me of the movies and what is a
little "ow" when I see "me", meow, if it is for goodness sake, Gods
plan for me to see

Funny how we see from our child vision and things can get so scary,
and yet in our adult, this helpful attitude can come from a playful

Calling this a game on game, pop corn at the movies, and kittens,
seems once again child-like on the way to our innocence

We can play one for all and all for one and become as light as cute
kittens, and certainly we don't have to pretend today that someone
has to die so young

I can turn everything I see into a comforter from God if I just hug a
kitten when one pops up in front of me, and smell the delicious smell
of corn while I am watching my projections

Only Imagine Elephant Sending

What's in the heart of my Elephant? Slowly, ever so steady greeting
life; tremendous love and wisdom unheard and sending, vibrating.

Earthquake shock not hurting and no fear from gentle giant; no busy
radio receives this low frequency; only authentic hearts respond in

Big love, no fear slow to move into one and protects with silence;
most can only imagine Elephant Sending, and don't, and wiggle around
in a fury of misunderstanding.

Swirls of God can only be created from two great hearts good motives
becoming intention.

Receipt is in the sending and more than survival is at stake; such a
subtle difference in communing is the fun of trusting in other
dimensions and living alive is in our delight.

Pretend and imagine by laying your hand down flat, while drumming
slow and gentle with heart intention love harmonizes with elephant

Sway grin cry exalted imagine you are this love; just trust the
elephant trusting and grin back at them for sharing.

They experience oneness and can teach us if we can only imagine;
reverent sending and receiving, palm reminding ever so slowly our

Graceful Languid Rhythm

Awaken muse music so sweet unity
Delicious grapes bursting flavor and color
Please come heart and mind singing
See the face of inside Christ forgiving

Overtone haunting magic still mingle
Weaving and healing fears forgotten
Even comfort our ego, not punish
Stretch into liquid mind-filled music


Sex is a good category for this one

I love cartoons

Every once in a while we'd get to see a cartoon just before a movie

When it's every once in a while it's really good sex

I was fantasizing the other day about the cartoon I was watching in front of me

Felt a special inspiration

I got the idea that what was happening in front of me

Seemed amusing as if it was a cartoon of the inside of me

I am enjoying the afterglow of peace and I think I'll sleep right through the movie

The next time I wake up refreshed

I'll look forward to the next cartoon because they're fun

Every so often makes them special like good sex

What if everything I notice is a creation of the inside of me?

Wouldn't it be fun to see a good cartoon any time I want to

Feel the peace of afterglow as a reward just for looking?

Humility to all and a good wake up call!

I Am For Giving

Everything I think I am is not good I AM for giving

Everything I think I m not is humbly I AM forgiving

As I m more honest and authentic, wry humor and expressing

Draws others unassuming to us gently wanting more to listen

Honey bees, not hornets, not addicted to buzzing, stinging, and jabbing

Sweet smiles, high energy, not depressing, and not afraid to look to find

Work with honest humming, weaving in beautiful flowers; be the bee, I AM, the HONEY

Sweet nectar the source of all and energy as the honey bee becomes the GIFT for giving

Coral Color Pink Inside

Respect my fear, it brings me here
It makes your face my masks you wear

Everyone I've found, everything all shapes and colors
Cells a-splittin, fire spittin, and fear creatin

Respect my fear, the body s my temple
Salmon to ocean, remember to merely return

We give our bodies, inside orange reminder
That we will always be re-creatin our fear

Eggs flow downstream with friends to the ocean
Grow strong, work, and play until a few return

Rain in the mountains, one drop is an ocean
Sun rises, blows back the mountains again

Imagine as rain, I become a young salmon
My delight as I travel with coral color

Miles measured and remembered in the thousands
Such power and strength to end at my beginning

Come In Welcome

No cities like this ever visit

Nor cold and drafty castles lofty

Where vermin endure after tenants

Enter this sort of tavern

Wise faces smile as masters

Drink only exotic liquids that add substance to our soul

Wisdom sparkles in all the humor and warm favor in the most wordless

Live crystals humming in colors

Take a corner booth all cushy and allow this new space to hug us

Simultaneous fun at all levels comforts our soul and mind

Wonderment in guiltless faces appears inside this miracle city of love masters

Laughing at tales of letting go.

Red cheeks and twinkling eyes with serenity

Tell real stories of love's demeanor


Form Support Formless

Resounding footsteps echo with soul music stepping
A strong bridge re-structures forgetting and remembering
What a slice of Heaven is a moment of time less form
What is this bridge is trust; each step is forgive and who

Am I this who that's who that's trusting step by step?
Practice remembers I AM forgiving; this is underpinning
Form support for souls a-trudging and no nervous whistling
Here and now we walk on water and we mind the Teacher

I focus on the faces while my mind is on ouch forgiving
My mind coaxes Holy Spirit coaches the forgiving
Hot tips aside form in the cache of confidence building
How all this is connected is the what and where and why

My feet are on the bridge; my mind is of forgetting
I say come and come Holy Spirit; I am my own companion
Man or woman nuance; something subtle; support the step of souls
Who is the lesson; that little something coming support for giving

Not on the shelf but under the shelf that really matters
Matter, matter; what's the matter disappearing on the bridge
Underpinning wide and tall and length is just an extra
Form the bridge; support the giving are the lessons of the Teacher


Grandmother Pine Grandfather

We feel you at our cone shape core inside us

Your youth stands now below us

Our youth is now above us

We support and smile our wrap around newness

Shimmer and shine through our dark bark that protects us

The sunshine of our crown warms us

Our spirit rivers grow taller

No hollow tree can support tall children

So Grandmother Pine Grandfather love us

Stay young and keep our faith for all our children need inside us

The Spirit of becoming

Only other TALL TREES surround us

We share the light and dance together

Our cones sing and spread the seeds of truth

Of all other tall pines forever

Poetry Copyright by Thomas Pine Perceval. All Rights Reserved.