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The following are 17 key principles, or cornerstones, of what Jeshua (Jesus) would teach us. He has expounded in depth on all of them. Merely to consider them, to take the time to contemplate and wonder about what they mean, and how they might change our own experience of life, is a profound and illuminating meditation.

1. To come to know me, truly, as the "Son God", honor first the Son that dwells already within you, in that place beyond all illusion, self-doubt, judgement, and fear.

2. It is true that I was sent forth from the mind of God to be the light that lights the world. This is also the truth about your own existence, for it holds no other purpose in the mind of God.

3. You are already all that I am; you have merely chosen to delay your recognition and expression of this fact.

4. You have never sinned, nor failed at any time. You have, however, chosen to forget your holy innocence and use time to 'prove' your judgement of yourself.

5. It is not possible to earn the love of God. It is only possible to acknowledge or deny it.

6. Nothing seen or experienced is caused by a source outside of you.

7. Nothing has ever been done to you, for you cannot be a victim of a world you have created.

8. Christ is not who I am, in opposition to what you are. For if you can recognize Christ in me, you must already be seeing through the eyes of Christ, which is deep within the 'you' you have mistakenly come to believe you are.

9. To seek, begins your journey of remembering God. But when will you be willing to acknowledge you have found? For only then does Life truly begin.

10. Self love, not worship of me, is the doorway to peace eternal.

11. My crucifixion did not save you, for this implies that your Creator had already condemned you, and Love does not condemn.

12. My crucifixion was the final lesson chosen by me in learning the one lesson before you now: there are no circumstances with the power to overcome the mind's willingness to choose for the extension of love. If you see this, you have already joined me in the resurrection.

13. The world you think you see is only a reflection of how you have already decided to look upon yourself. As you come to see yourself clearly through the eyes of Love, you will come to look out upon only a loving world.

14. Your journey began long before not only the birth of the body you have learned to call 'me', it began before the birth of all worlds.

15. No one is without direct communion with God. It may, however, require a little time for you to truly overcome stage fright, and take up your proper place as Christ, who teaches only Love. Until then, teachers will be brought to you who are sent to help you dissolve your fear of your real Self.

16. You do not know what a single thing is, or is for. However, the Holy Spirit (which speaks only when the ego's opinions, judgements, and needs are stilled) does. Let Him reveal how all events are guiding each and every soul to the remembrance of Truth: Only Love is Real.

17.Forgiveness is your one great need. But it has nothing to do with others, nor with what you have believed has been done to you. Forgiveness is accomplished as the willing soul turns within in innocence, desiring only to learn how to see through the eyes of Christ, for only these eyes can show you God. Forgiveness is the supreme recognition that no harm has befallen you. Only an opportunity to enlighten your life through the choice to extend only Love.