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Touched by Love: A Parable for Today


Compelling, controversial, thought-provoking and gripping: this book touches on the very soul of mankind’s motives, greed, ego-centered actions and ambition, and gets to the very heart of the only viable remedy.  No one who reads this telling story will ever see the world we live in through the same eyes again. 
--Kelvin Kent, Writer, author, student of world religions.

Moving, inspiring - TBL is thrilling adventure story that warms the heart, challenges the mind, and awakens the spirit.
--Rebecca A. Lindsay, DDS, MS, founder of Whole Life Network, co-founder of Tri-County Resource Center, 16 year facilitator for A Course in Miracles

This is an exciting and fast-moving novel that will challenge all readers to rethink their beliefs. The author has used his extensive knowledge of music, therapy, and Christianity to write a fascinating story about the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Though the action takes place in the present time, the reader also becomes a spectator in Jerusalem at the time of Pontius Pilate. I was deeply moved by this inspiring book and its messages of truth.
--Kay Wiesner, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor

I have not read a book that paints a better biographical sketch of Jesus than in this powerful piece of literature.  Harry brings us the life and words of Jesus as if Jesus were speaking directly to us. When you read this book your will look at the world in a whole new light, and you will know that you have been touched by love.
--Mitch Carmody, author of Letters To My son: a journey through grief


 God’s love seeks those who would accept it like water seeks an opening in which to flow until it reaches the sea. God’s love is forgiveness here, but not the simple overlooking that leaves victim and sinner. It is to be touched by Love and changed forever.  The second scroll of Jesus.

 Dr. Adam Kaine from Touched by Love: A Parable for Today on salvation.

“You hear the formula that you must accept that Jesus died for your sins and accept him as your personal Lord and Savior. Since childhood I always had the picture of knights pledging allegiance to their king. In modern times it’s more like a touchstone to express common belief, but does it matter how sincerely that oath is taken? If so, how do you measure that sincerity? Is salvation under this oath still in effect if we break The Ten Commandments after taking it? If yes, is this oath an excuse or a loophole for bad behavior? What if the oath is affirmed at the end of a very bad life?

“You can see that there are many thorny issues here. Even exactly how the oath, and resulting experience of it, is taken is open to controversy. Do you have to be baptized, and if you do, do you have to be totally submerged? If you don’t tithe or go to church regularly does that render it null and void? Is it just a projection of racist thought since Jews, Muslims and others can only be saved through Jesus Christ? What does that say about God?

“Naturally, many think they have the answers to all of those questions, but I think it is entirely possible these oaths that were designed far after Jesus’s time on earth have totally missed the mark. I’m beginning to understand that we are to involve him in our life on a minute-by-minute, thought-by-thought basis. As we turn to him, we are “saved” from the mess of our own thinking and acting.”

 Thoughts on those from different backgrounds who believe they should kill for the sake of God.

Webster had agreed from the pulpit with the characterization of calling Islamic terrorists, “Evil Doers.” Now he wanted a smaller army that would kill in the name of God. Since Love has no bounds, deception has to be total as well. The fact that Osama bin Laden was strictly religious and supported his claims with the Koran, the infallible Word of God, did not seem to him to be a similarity, because the actual beliefs were so different. Bin Laden was just deluded and wrong. What if each had been born in the womb of the other’s mother? Would they have converted to the view they held in this life or would each be as the other is?

 Jesus speaking through a hypnotized Adam Kaine on God’s love.

“There is no real love but God’s. God’s love is unconditional and equal for all people in all circumstances. Love is what God is and ultimately what we are. God’s love in this world is best seen as forgiveness. It is appreciation. That means seeing past the mortal to the divine. Seeing in such a way transforms the beholder and makes them a vehicle for healing.”