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>Robin O Connor  robinoconnor@g... writes:
> I just  wanted to give a quick response to the following post. ACIM
> says the ego  will be returned to sanity:
> Spirit need not be  taught, but the ego must be. Learning is
> ultimately perceived as  frightening because it leads to the
> relinquishment, not the  destruction, of the ego to the light of
> spirit. Text Pg  53
> Remember that the ego is just a tiny insane thought, a mad  idea. 
> The idea of destroying or killing the ego is of the ego.   The idea
> of the ego dying, "death of the ego" is what got us into this  mess to
> begin with.
> Death is not of God but of the ego.   Spirit cannot die. The whole
> premise of A Course In Miracles is a Return  to Sanity...A Return
> to Love.
> So that tiny, mad, insane idea is not  to be destroyed, as the
> above reference points out, but merely to be  'relinquished to the light
> of Spirit'.
> ACIM says that we cannot  escape the ego by humbling it or controlling
> it or punishing it because  those sorts of attempts ARE of the ego
> and not of God.  And what is  Death but an attempt to punish or
> control?
> So I think we need to be  careful when we speak of "death of the
> ego" as opposed to "a return to  sanity or a relinquishment of the ego
> to the Light of  Spirit."
> No need to create even more fear.  Amen
> Robin O Connor

Ragna RAGNAA@a... wrote:
> Robin, I just wanted to say  there is much appreciation for this post. 

> Thank  you.

> Ragna

Robin O Connor  robinoconnor@g... writes:


Did you feel yourself breathe a sigh of relief when you read that
quote from ACIM?  "...the relinquishment, not the destruction, of
the ego to the light of Spirit...?"

I know I did.  Feeling like there was something that I created that
was so horrible that it needed to be destroyed...needed to be put to
death...was not a good feeling.

I took this uneasiness to the Holy Spirit and was lead to the above
quote.  After reading that paragraph so many ACIM principles easily
fell into place.

Death does not exist.  Not even death of the ego.  But a gentle
return to Love.

 I was able to look upon the ego with softer eyes.  I was able to
Love the ego and to have compassion.

 From this place I felt the ego relax.  There was nothing left to
defend against.

  I truly got it!

 How Love is the answer to every idea of separation. This is the
true meaning of Resurrection!  When the idea of death loses all
meaning.  No need to punish.  No need to desperately try to control
anything.  No need to feel guilt or shame!

This experience was almost like seeing the innocence of even the ego

Thank you Holy Spirit!

Robin O Connor

Ragna RAGNAA@a... wrote:

Oh yes Robin; I do (to your question below) ... as we rise above 
"the battle ground" we observe from a Whole fresh vantage
point. The ego is seen perhaps as an infinitesimal tiny bit of a
video game in which we might have become engaged in for a
moment,  but of no real consequence.  We don't have to go
around to the video stores, burn the programs and smash the
game machines, but simply become disengaged in childish
games if we wish. 
Yes, for those us who took the games seriously it takes a
little practice to learn to become unattached and that is why
ACIM and other spiritual practices are so useful, but again
a hearty yes to "No need to punish.  No need to desperately
try to control anything.  No need to feel guilt or shame!"  And
no need to even attempt to change those of our One Self
who choose to dress up in monster costumes and play the
ego game.  Beneath the costume is our Beautiful Shining
Innocence. This recognition is the beginning of accepting
our Oneness and Wholeness as Infinity Itself. 
Amen and amen to all you wrote below.
Love is what we are.
With love,


Theresa TheresA Hanson wrote:
every time I read a post, I have a relationship with my ego.  Why do I have to be so diligent?  why does it seem so difficult?  Wouldn't it have been easier if we weren't given this so called free will.  It seems that my ego will never know love no matter how much it learns.  All my ego seems to learn is how to forgive myself for all the crap that goes through my head on a daily basis.  Sick of being .

Robin O Connor  robinoconnor@g... writes:


I hear your frustration and I know it well.  12 years ago when I
first picked up A Course In Miracles I had no groups or meetings in
my area of fellow ACIM students.  It was just me and the Holy
Spirit.  I remember throwing the book across the room several times,
yelling in frustration..."I cannot do this!  This is too hard.  If
you want it done Holy Spirit then you do it for me!  I am done
trying to get this right!"

And I heard the Holy Spirit say, "You are making this too hard. 
Stop trying to purify yourself.  That is my job.  Your part is easy."

And my part was showing up with just that little willingness and a
little trust that the Holy Spirit would do what He said He would do.

When I gave up trying to make sense of it all with my intellect, it
got easy or at least a whole lot easier.  I don't analyze the ego...I
witness it...I watch it with loving eyes.  If there is something that
I need to give to the Holy Spirit for purification it is brought to
my awareness.

Someone posted earlier about maybe the only sane thing to do would
be to set the whole idea of enlightenment aside and just go about
the business of daily living and I applaud that!  That is the most
sane thing I have read on this board in a long time!

Invite the Holy Spirit into your life, into your thoughts and
perceptions and then let go. You will be shown all you need to
know.  Everything will unfold in your life as it should. You don't
have to 'push the river' of enlightenment.  No need to analyze.  The
intellect is the egos servant.  It loves to go round and round and
round. It loves long detailed discussions about itself (the ego). 
The ego knows this keeps us distracted from going into the
EXPERIENCE of knowing we are One with God.

I think the Course In Miracles tells us to relax over and over. 
Relax.  We don't have to control anything.  All outcomes are in the
Hands Of God...and that includes the unfolding of the process of our
awakening.  We cant circle a date on the calendar and tell ourselves
that we are going to be enlightened by that date.  Our enlightenment
takes us by surprise!  And usually when we are not thinking about it
at all!

Love and Blessings


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