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A Course In Miracles and the Bible

Listen to Rogier's teaching recorded from ACIM Gather on PalTalk, October 2, 2005

Rogier's initial presentation:

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Question and Answer session:

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A Course In Miracles and the Bible
of New York, NY

At Our ACIM Gather Meeting
Sunday, October 2nd,  2005

About Rogier F. van Vlissingen

Rogier is from Holland and has lived in the US since 1979.

He currently  lives in NY, has been an ACIM student since 1991, and in 1987 he took up a  project of translating the work of J. W. Kaiser, a Dutch spiritual  teacher, who wrote between 1920 and 1960, but was published mostly  1946-60.

Kaiser's work among other things forms a foundation for Rogier's  interest in reading the Bible from a right minded point of view, as ACIM  suggests several times. The first book by J.W. Kaiser was published in  English in 1993, titled "Four Open Field Books," and Rogier's introduction  to Kaiser was published in 2003 as "The Gospel as a Spiritual Path."

Rogier currently hosts a Google group titled ACIM&Abraham, (from description of the Google Group) Forum for Course-students to explore ACIM in the context of the Faith of our fathers - chiefly the Abrahamic religions. Non-dualistic teachings in dualistic traditions; how Jesus teaches in parables. Duality as metaphor, the world as the Royal Road to the Unconscious.

Rogier has a blog  by the same name at

Excerpt from a recent posting by Rogier
on his blog on September 27th, 2005:

The Inner Teacher: Jesus, Yeshua, J, God's Help
The name Yeshua means "God's Help," or "God Helps"

So as much as the historical documentation of 2000 years ago consists mostly of descriptions of the external circumstances of the life of someone named Jesus, not to mention his death, and then theology based on other peoples' interpretation of that life, the inner tradition was not much accounted for. Mary Magdalen in my view is the biggest symbol of that inner tradition of the heart, and a teaching example of the Holy Relationship. She understood Jesus to the point that she knew he would always be with her, and that in the end she was Jesus herself, and that is evidently why she was the first witness to the Resurrection, and became the apostle to the apostles. Her recent rediscovery, despite the vast amounts of nonsense that is being published, reflects an important change of consciousness, which however will remain without meaning unless we get in touch with her and the love she represents ourselves.

To skip ahead 1900 years, I'll discuss some of my own experiences next, in order to bring to life some awareness of the Inner Tradition, which mostly escapes history as we practice it today. In the early fifties, when I was an infant, my parents became acquainted with Ms. Margaretha Hofmans, who I later understood to be channeling Jesus. The popular press made her out to be a faithhealer, but in fact what she did was pray with people, not for people, teaching them how to pray, and teaching of the Presence in our Life of God's Help, which of course is merely the literal meaning of the Hebrew name Jeshua. She worked closely with Jan Willem Kaiser, pursuant to a mission they felt was theirs based on a channeled message she received in 1946. He wrote and published widely on spirituality, while she worked with people one on one.

Ms. Hofmans taught me even as an infant that God's Help was always available to us, wherever, whenever, with the proviso that unlike Santa Claus, He was not in the business of wishfulfillment, and we should be prepared to accept Help on His terms, not ours, realizing that in truth it would always be to our true best interest. From what I gather from the tradition around her, when Ms. Hofmans' channeling experience started, she identified the voice at first with her teacher in life, and I suspect it was Kaiser who helped her clarify that it was in fact the voice of Jesus. When I knew her, from about age four, that's what she would say, though she mostly confined herself to the term God's Help, or The Help. Sometimes she might refer to Christ.

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*****  ***** *****
I first saw the name Rogier F. van Vlissingen
on several of the major Course message Boards,
and I recognized that this prolific poster, certainly
went a lot further than just doing the Workbook Lessons,
for his understanding of the ideas and principles
of the Course runs very deep and has chosen
to share what he has learned with us all.

To this Teacher of God, the Gift of coming from
a Family that has steeped itself in the study
of the mystical side of Christianity and the
study of the Bible. Rogier continues
this Sacred Tradition with diligence.

Rogier has dedicated his life to continue
in Sharing The Light that has been
shared by the Mystics of the Ages.
We are Thankful he Shares it with
us this Sunday Evening at
Our Gather.


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