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Pamela Silberman

 Saturday Eve., May 12th 2007
Pamela Silberman
Teacher, Writer, Counselor, Inspiration,

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"Can I Love The World?"
Here, we will learn through Holy Spirit's guidance, how to integrate our understandings of the world, as well as our identity, into establishing peace within this lifetime. ~ Pamela Silberman


Can I love the world?

Dear One, your Father or I would never ask you to accept that which you are not for purposes of your learning. Therefore, never would I ask you to withhold love. Love is you. It is life itself, as God is life Him Self. As you sojourn upon this earth, through this world of your making, love is your guide and has never completely left your memory. Yet, you merely do not know who you are, or how to express the very Truth of you. In seeking an unknowing expression, the investment in fear has arisen simply from your forgetting. But I would not ask you to settle more deeply in forgetting to learn, therefore I do not ask you to curse the world.

You can love the world because it is here that you have expressed the wholeness of your freedom to create. From every blade of grass, to every cloud within the passing vastness of sky, you have extended yourself to experience the profundity of who you are. In your childlike innocence, you have expressed the gifts of freedom and delightful extension, and this is not to be denied. The making of your world is indeed miraculous for a dreaming mind. Therefore, if you can extend through such grandeur in dreams, can you not consider what magnificence you are in Truth? Indeed this cannot be known in imagination. Do not choose to withhold love or celebration for all you are. Yet, I mean this not to celebrate your limitations, but your freedom to imagine yourself limited. Center yourself in gratefulness and you can never be in error. God has given you the vastness of His Kingdom to play, knowing that you can never destroy yourself in Truth. Surely you can dream it so a hundred thousand times over, but never can this change the eternal life you are.

Celebrate the wholeness of Who You Are. Not as an identified self apart from the world, but as the ability to be an identified self believing itself to be apart from the world. Surely never are you these things, and never do they truly limit you, and never do you really need to associate with them, but denying yourself all you can be beyond them will not bring you the happiness you desire. Again, I say, God would never ask for you to invest in sacrifice, nor center yourself on unhappiness. He does not ask you to not dream if that is your desire. But if it is not your desire, then surely He blesses every endeavor you choose to make your purpose. God does not need you to withdraw from your dream, He knows you are not your dream and can never be your dream. Surely the keys to the Kingdom are within you as placed by God Himself in His bestowing of gracious freedom to all Creation. But it is your choice to express as you desire.

Can I have a family, a job, money? Can I attract all these things to me in life and be happy?

You have asked two very important and two very different questions here my child. Happiness is the acceptance and expression of perfect freedom in God. As part of this expression, you have chosen to dream of limitation. It is not this limitation that can make you happy. For your Self as God Created is happiness beyond all limitation. Therefore, to collect a pile of limitation, shiny, special or pretty, will not express your true Self to You. It can only show you the freedom you have in total to make as you desire. Your happiness does not extend from these illusions, it extends from being as God Created. For you, in this moment of time, your freedom includes your ability to make illusion and call it real. God has given you this ability, but never have these illusions become your Self. What I am speaking of then, is not to identify with the illusion, yet to use it as your guide to all you are. The more you possess these limitations in quantity is not the purpose. You could recognize your grandeur through but one only. You can have all you want in form, yet what is the purpose of this desire? What is the purpose to collect a multitude of images rooted in the same misperception? If you desire to lavish yourself in illusion, so be it. This is your perfect freedom to be all that God has extended for you to be, but is this not a foolish aim for the Holy Son who already has and is everything? Remind yourself that you have everything and your mind cannot continue to wish for completion outside its Self. This is why I say to celebrate and be grateful for your freedom, but do not identify through your limited makings for they are not you. Nor are they your Source. Nor do they even begin to scratch the surface of all you are in Truth.

I do not ask you to dissociate from anyone or anything. Yet, use these moments, images and relationships for your remembrance of the whole. Jesus did not live in isolation. He did not choose to leave the society in which he resided and wander in the desert to seek enlightenment. In fact a wasteland cannot bring you light, it must be sought through bringing the illusions to Truth. Therefore, never did he dissociate from anyone, yet indeed he opened his heart to all. I tell you this so that you can recognize how it is not isolation or rejection *even of recognized illusions* that will bring your peace.

There is always a loving way to view the world and this will require your full acceptance of it beyond the images. Here you bring the illusions to Truth and do not expect the illusions to change. Yet here, you accept and allow for the healing of your mind. Here you release your need for illusion, rather than judge yourself (or the image) because of its limitations. To judge is to offer a limitation, therefore if you judge an image you only offer limitation to limitation. Truly, I ask, how can that result in healing?

As you come to accept the world (and all within it) as an equal expression of love from your misperception of Truth, you choose to see the Source within rather than a barrier to love. Here you remove your obstacles to love by no longer choosing to invest in the obstacle as a valued image. Barriers always are expressions of separation. How can you not invest in separation and call something a barrier? How can you not see separation if you are to judge at all? Love is an expression of wholeness, therefore it does not judge, separate or instill mistaken identity. Love offers all to all in perfect freedom and joy. See your brother as whole beyond any insanity you see and choose to be the presence of Truth. This does not mean you correct or deny anything, yet simply allow yourself to recognize the Truth through all images. Indeed Truth is within all, it is only your mind that chooses not to see. Here, in acceptance, you rest your mind from the resistance of judgment.

This is why Jesus accepted all in love. He chose to see the innocence and truth in everyone. This included images of the world. No, he did not identify or value the images, but he returned each one to its Source instilling a peaceful love for all encounters. He saw each image as a mere image and celebrated for its freedom to be. Here he recognized the gift in everything and extended gratitude, because here he accepted all freedom as his freedom. This can be the same for every image within the world you choose to see. Indeed you can center yourself on love and the desire to know yourself. In doing so, all will be revealed in perfect beingness.

Explain to me the difference between identification with the world and simply being.

Identification with the world is to make it your source. It is to find it pleasing because you believe it makes you whole. In this you believe that the world completes the vacancy that you have already agreed is yourself. Here the world appears to fulfill a wish, and this wish is to be whole or to be free. Essentially this wish is expressed because you already do not know yourself to be whole, nor do you know yourself to be free. Actually, you do not know yourself at all and this is the cause of all your searching. Money and power have been invented for one purpose alone, and this is to give you a tool for extended expression within the world you have made. Does it not seem that those with the most money or the most power can accomplish the most within the world? This is because you have made it so, and established these rules for your illusion to maintain itself. The Holy Son of God, even when expressing in limitation, has the entire completeness of Godís Creation to extend. This is why your world is so convincing. It was not an unplanned or shallow dream. But it is not whole as True Creation is, therefore as it was made as a substitute, it can only be a shadow of reality. But yes, if these are your shadows, you cannot dare to imagine the grandeur of your light.

Now, as I have said before, simply being is the settling within one existence. To simply be within the world is to extend you beyond every dream of separation or need. It is to see yourself as whole because you accept this as your Truth. Notice that simply being is not loathing the world, but simply accepting that it does not define you in Truth. Again, to loathe is not to love, and you are Love as God Created. Just as God still loves you for all you choose to experience, love yourself for these choices, but allow yourself to continue to choose again out of this love. No ideas of separation or judgment will serve you well. Honor the world for the freedom you have directed it to give, for within it you have allowed it to be anything you wish, but this is only because God has given this gift to you to imagine your limitation. Therefore, here we see the significant difference between valuing the world and knowing yourself. Valuing the world is not knowing yourself and using the world to replace the truth of you. It is only meant to serve a perceived vacancy and this it can do in many imaginative ways.

What about the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is a law extended by you in an attempt to know yourself. It is always. How it seems to work is that you attract to yourself all you believe you are. I have also referred to this law of attraction as projection. Here you literally make your experience according to your beliefs. Now letís say you believe you need to have things of the world to define you. Letís say you are accepting only of things within the world to define you, because this is all you believe you know. To your mind you consider to have these things as Godís blessing for happiness upon you. Here you identify with your freedom through the amount of things you can seek and find in image. Here, as you find all that you intend to find, from your attachments to the world, you may believe yourself to be happy merely because you are having your identified self validated in the ways you dream they should be. Here you can rest in the feeling that all your insecurities are placated and nothing of fear can affect you. But, do you lock your doors at night? Do you hire guards to protect your images? Do you believe that there is a way to have or not to have? In other words does this image provide for you the absence of separation, seeking or fear of any sort? If it does not, then truly it is not Godís Creation. Does this mean that you shouldnít have it? No. Have all you desireÖ God has said this clearly to all of His Creation. But so too do recognize what your desire represents and how it expresses your knowing of your Self.

So, are you saying I can have whatever I want?

You already do. Yet, you may not know what your true desires are. Here we allow ourselves to rest from the attachment to the world, but seek instead the cause beneath our projections. Seek the cause of who you perceive yourself to be and in this you will notice why it appears the world presents as it does. The law of attraction is simply about the extension of your projections and placing them within the world. Yet, be aware, you cannot trick your mind into perceiving differently. Baseless affirmations and claims of prosperity will not set you free, nor will they begin to have you feel fulfilled. If it is limitation you desire in cause, all the witnesses to your belief (and investment in) limitation will be brought to mind through experience. Indeed you can see a diamond within a hunk of coal, but it is the mind through which you see that will reveal all treasures to you.

As I have guided, you can love the world and in doing so, it is a gift to your self. Love again is not about limitation or identification with things, it is an expression of perfect freedom. Here you extend happiness and acceptance to all you see, recognizing that it simply is a dream offered to you with blessings if this is as you desire. Accept the gift of graceful freedom for all you are in God's perfect extension. Here, you rest yourself beyond any imagining and recognize only Truth to be your Source, extended fully and freely to you. In this beingness of love you only give wholeness through your Self, as accepting wholeness for your self. In this, I am with you all ways, both as guide and as witness to your truth. Rest on this, for here you shall find your peace. I love you.



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