Time is an illusion
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Disappearance_of_the_Universe@yahoogroups.com bemore2u wrote: 
<<Pursah says "During my final lifetime I practiced the Course for forty-one
years, from the age forty-three until my transition at eighty-four."
As I understand it, this statement was made to
Gary in the mid 90's.
The Course was not in print until 1975 and I am lost as to how she
could have practiced the Course if it was not in print.>>

garyrenard wrote:
<<A careful reading of the book will reveal that Arten and Pursah say
there final lifetime together occurred in the future. That's how this
is possible. >>

philfrisk wrote:
This as a concept perhaps some of us have not yet encountered.  The illusion of time and space.  Everything has already happened!  This is an concept that is difficult to convey in words.  But, being the fool that I am (LOL), I'm going to try anyway.

One way to think of it - is as a theatrical play. The script has already been written.  We're just the actors on stage acting out the script. 

Another way to think of it is like this.  Everything happened all at once.  Like a Big Bang.  The whole universe materialized and happened and was over - just like that! :::snapping my fingers:::  That materialization left a giant hologram - a picture where each part contains the whole.  And each part, each individual, can be anywhere in the hologram at any particular time and experience the rest of the picture from that place. Once we're there, in the illusion, we simply live out the sequential events of time.  We can visit each part of the hologram from time to time.  Arten and Pursah, who had a lifetime (one of many) in another part of the hologram (the future to us) visited Gary in their past (the present to us) and forgetting the "prime directive" dropped a hint. ;o)

From God's point of view in eternity everything we are experiencing has already happened.  The prodigal son has returned.  In the reality of eternity it's already over and done with and we're safe at home in heaven with God.  But in the world that was made, we seem to be stuck in an illusion.  We're dreaming.  Time is an illusion.  And when we've all experienced it and have played each part and we "get it" or "choose it" or "forgive it" - it will all disappear. We'll continue to just be at home with God in heaven. Yeah, I know, it doesn't help to know this when you still have to get up and go to work and pay the bills. (LOL)

Again, one may think of it this way.  God in heaven created a Son.   Like Himself, the Son had the power to create.  The Son had a dream.  In that dream an idea occurred.  It was a tiny mad idea at which the Son remembered not to laugh.  In that idea the universe was made.  The universe isn't "real" as heaven is Real, it's an illusion - a dream.  When the idea plays itself out the universe will disappear.


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