Touched by Love
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Touched by Love
by Harry McDonald

Godís love seeks those who would accept it like water seeks an opening in which to flow until it reaches the sea. Godís love is forgiveness here, but not the simple overlooking that leaves victim and sinner. It is to be touched by Love and changed forever.  The second scroll of Jesus.

Dr. Adam Kaine, an agnostic Bible scholar, is clinically dead after being shot on national television by a conservative minister. But, with a little help, he comes back to the living world. During Dr. Kaineís near-death experience, Jesus comes to him and gives him the mission of finding scrolls written by Him, His brother James, and His mother, Mary. Some who take the Scriptures literally try to have Kaine killed to quiet the message of the scrolls. Meanwhile those who have been "touched by love" are being transformed.

This inspirational adventure drama will keep you on the edge of your seat while it gives you new ways to contemplate lifeís biggest questions.

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