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Transformation and Evolution through Dynamic Forgiveness

by Harry McDonald, Jr.

There is a true hero within you. Imagine that there is a script for an adventure movie where you have the lead role. The first part of the movie is the part you have already played. The rest is written and directed to have the hero come back from adversity to glory. You have to have the willingness to play this role in collaboration with directors beyond compare, but the end is sure. It will end in happiness.

You have little reason to believe this story, but notice others around you who have changed their lives. You can too. It will be a spiritual adventure and a voyage of discovery. When you are willing to see your enemies in a different light, you have begun this adventure. You have made the space necessary for your director to enter.

The degree of adversity you face now is of little consequence because when divine forces enter your life, everything changes. People, books, ideas, actions, synchronicities, and inspirations come into your life. Divine information can be followed or ignored, but each decision has consequences. When we act upon the guidance of the divine, it produces positive results for everyone. Ignoring divine guidance inevitably produces poor results. The divine is like an alchemist who, instead of turning lead into gold, turns even the worst circumstances to benefit. The divine can make good from the lowly while human resources can corrupt even the most holy. Alone we are severely limited in knowledge and resources. Together with the divine possibilities become unlimited.

We do not need to prove ourselves worthy of divine guidance. It is universal regardless of religion, nationality, beliefs, sex, age, or anything else. Everyone is constantly receiving divine guidance. You have even acted on divine guidance and not known it. Recognizing it and becoming consistent are the problems. We also may not recognize the tools we use to reject divine guidance. Indeed, we are very good at rejecting it. The goal of this article is to help change that.

The divine will bring out the hero within and begin the process of transformation. Transformation causes an evolution in our life and then extends into the world. It can be broken down into steps that recycle. If you want your life to be different, think and use these steps over and over. They are

1. Asking for and recognizing divine guidance
2. Practicing a dynamic forgiveness that transforms instead of overlooks
3. Acting upon guidance
4. Cycle back through all the steps

Warning: Don’t be like the patient who prayed for help healing his cancer. An oncologist came to offer help. He said, “No thank you. My Creator will heal me.” A surgeon came to offer help. He made the same reply. The same offer and reply were given to a radiologist and a nutritionist. One day he died and asked his Creator why he wasn’t healed of his cancer. His Creator replied, “I sent you an oncologist, a surgeon, a radiologist and a nutritionist.”

The moral of the story is to learn how to ask for guidance and how to recognize it when it comes.

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