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Fruits of the Spirit
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Oh My God, Its Me!Sheryl Valentine, on ACIM Gather / PalTalk

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Mind Vampires
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To Be or Not To Be
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Change your mind
about the world
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Fast on Egor to
Feast on God
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Guided Constantly
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There is nothing to fear
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Setting the Goal
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Cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit

More Audio Programs

Audio Programs

Teacher, Author & Healer



from her newly published book.


Oh My God, Its Me!


Provocative Enlightening Inspirational

This book is about learning to live consciously. It is a unique blend of self-help and spirituality presented with humor and straightforward language. It sets forth the simple and striking concept: You Can Change Your Life, but first, you must bring awareness to how you are living it.
Themes include:

- Heal Relationships with People Who Drive You Nuts!
- Gain Power from A New Perception
- Experience Practical Spirituality for Lifes Challenges
- Discover that You Do Not Walk Alone
- Move Forward to Become Pregnant with the Possibility that Something New Can   be Born Within You

In this book you will find practical solutions for many of lifes challenges as it points to the true Source of healing. Whether struggling through conflicts with relationships, money, career, or self-worth, you will find inspiration and real help in the pages of Oh My God, Its Me!

Dr. Sheryl Valentine is a dynamic and charismatic speaker lecturing on spiritual principles since 1993. She has extensively studied spirituality for over twenty years and has brought her knowledge into treating and counseling patients since 1985.

The book is available through Amazon.com and book stores.

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