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An Evening with
Tom Whitmore
Counselor, Developer, Inspiration

Listen to Tom's teaching from ACIM Gather on PalTalk Ju1y 15, 2007

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Tom Whitmore 
Counselor, Developer, Inspiration
An Evening with Tom Whitmore & Course In Miracles Society
focusing on newly published Original Edition of Course In Miracles

CIMS has recently published the Original Edition, O.E.
an Earlier copy of what was given to Helen & Bill

What Original Edition Users say about it.

I use it, I love it. Thank You Tom Whitmore

~ Rev Lee Poepping, Santa Clarita CA. Unity Church, 
From Kellie Love, as seen at following link:

 ~Kellie Love is ACIM Historian  Janis Foundation

 From Carolyn Overby, as seen at following link:
~Carolyn Overby's Journal:
My experience with the Original Edition is that the wording, as it exists within that edition, leads me to clarity with the Holy Spirit more easily. Sometimes there is a paragraph, a sentence or just a word within the Original Edition that was deleted or changed in the Second Edition, but the way it is within the Original Edition makes it easier for me to see with clarity. I love clarity, so I am reading the Original Edition of ACIM now, and I am deeply grateful to Tom Whitmore for making it available
 to all of us.  Love, Regina   
 Regina Dawn Akers is Author of New Testament Interpretation by Holy Spirit to be released in March 2008 by O' Books, London, UK. and Founding Director of Foundation for Holy Spirit

CIMS is source of MP3s of Brent Haskell's Journey Beyond Words
and Other Voice, with Kellie Love as voice for Jeshua

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