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From: "Dave" <dehodges@sbcglobal.net>To: <The_Peace_of_God@yahoogroups.com>
Subject: Will of God   Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 12:43 AM

Would it be safe to say that nothing in this world is the Will of God?
Because, if this world was made by me and not God, and God
knows it not, then nothing at all happens in this world, which God
would have provided.

Further, if God's will is only for The Sons happiness (by knowing
himself), then how could God's will ever have been undone, even by
The Son? I think we all will admit that our little dream of
separation has brought us much misery. So why would God ever have
allowed The Son to fall into this foul dream?

I know that God gave His Son free will to create as The Son saw fit,
but an all-knowing God would have foreseen the fall. And how could
the Perfect Son of God make the decision to dream differently than
His Father?

It appears to me that the Trinity was created so that God the Father
could sit aloof while God the Son could be blamed for all the crap
that came down. Yet, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not three
different entities, for that would be separation. The Trinity is
One. I and my Father are one. The Father and Son are one and
therefore the Son is perfect as the Father is. Therefore, the Son
does not dream dreams of separation and limitation. 

No one before ACIM and really, no one within ACIM can successfully
explain to me why the Illusion began in the first place. If God be
perfect than nothing, at any level (because there are no levels)
could have ever gone wrong.

Now teachers have said that nothing did go wrong. It is only in the
illusion that things appeared to have gone wrong, and the illusion
doesn't exist. However, that doesn't make sense, as there is too
much written and spoken about the illusion to qualify it as non-
existent. You cannot speak of that which doesn't exist.

Others have stated that the question can't be answered and that we
just have to deal with the reality that the illusion is there, and
yet not there at all.

Still others have stated that the illusion, as ethereal and gossamer
as it is, was created by God. It is God's play, God's dream.

I have been told that I should accept responsibility for the
illusion and that God is not part of it and does not know it.
However, it is also stated that I am one with God, nay, there is no
me, there is only God. AND, if God is really the only Being in
existence (if fact God is existence itself) then there is no other
than God who could be responsible.

It is a dual teaching, which would depict a God totally aloof from
the illusion and yet another part of this God that is responsible
for it (The Father & The Son). And it is totally ludicrous to call
anything non-existent and yet write and speak of it.

From: nicole_fshrwmn To: The_Peace_of_God@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [The_Peace_of_God] Re: Will of God Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 2:16 AM
Nicole nicole_fshrwmn wrote:

HI David,

A while back I asked Jesus/Jeshua if he could shed some more light on the story of "The Prodigal Son".  I feel it addresses the questions you ask in your post.  I hope it helps you as it has helped me.

Love Nicole

Greetings, I am Jeshua.  I am pleased you wish to hear about this story.  I love this story also.  It is one story that has touched the heart of countless millions of people throughout the ages and managed to retain most of it's purity throughout countless translations.  I did not first tell this story.  This story was a very old one, which had been passed down for many generations.  I re-told this story, as it was one that so very truly reflected our relationship to God, and the nature of God.  

A Loving God who forgives before forgiveness is necessary and truly accepts us unconditionally.  He sees only our perfection which is the truth of who we are.  He doesn't judge us, for we can do no wrong in his eyes.  Our dreams are just that, imaginings of what it would be like to be separate from him.  He allows us this freedom as a loving parent allows their teenager to move out of home and experience the independence they so wish for.  Hear the story and I will go into more detail, as you like.


And I say unto you, there was a God with so much Love to spare that he decided he wished to experience the giving and receiving of such Love.  As God Is All that Is, he thought to make an extension of himself.  With that thought he had so created a Son.  This Son was ONE with God, as nothing can be apart from God as God is All there Is.  Therefore this Son was in the very like-ness of his father, of the very same Substance and Spirit of God.  The Son therefore had the same power to create with thought as his Father.  The Father was only capable of complete and absolute unconditional Love and Acceptance of his Son; therefore the Son was imbued with free-will. 

The Son was happy and experienced the wondrous Joy and Love that he was.  He experienced ONEness with God and had all he could ever want.  Then, as the Son evolved, he wished to have the experience of independence and individuality.  He wished to experience what it would be like to go it alone, apart from his Father.  He communicated to his father what was his wish. 

"Father, give me the portion of thy substance that falleth to me".  This had already been given, but the father, "divided unto him his living.  And not many days after, he gathered all together and took his journey into a far country."  So God allowed his son the freedom to do as he wished with his inheritance, to experience life apart from his father.  As this was not possible in Truth, the Son felt the desire, to create with the power of his thought, a way to experience what was not possible in Truth.  It was as if he had moved to a distant land, a land of illusion, out of sight and out of reach of his Father. 

This was the beginning of the separation from God, the beginning of the dream.  Of course the consequence was that the Son lost all remembrance of his ONEness with God, and in so doing, he forgot himself.  When God noticed what was happening with a part of Himself, in that instant He implanted within His Son a means of finding his way back home.  And so The Holy Spirit was thus created to remind the Son of his Truth, his substance, his inheritance.  And to be a guide unto him, to light his path and steer him home, once he should tire of his adventure and seek such guidance.

"And there he wasted his substance with riotous living.  And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that country; and he began to want".  The son's inheritance, his substance, his Holiness and ONEness with God was hidden from him, and therefore wasted.  He became needy, imagining lack within himself and within everything reflected around him.  With the perception of lack grew the belief in ones vulnerability, and the idea of fear took hold. Within him grew a great hunger which was reflected back at him everywhere he looked within this place.  The hunger grew and the wanting for what he perceived was lacking or missing grew stronger.      

"And he went and joined himself with one of the citizens of that country; and he sent him into the fields to feed swine.  And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat and no man gave to him." 

In his desperation, he joined himself with the resident ego mind which promised to bring an end to his suffering.  He became as a slave to the ego, doing whatever the ego told him, hoping he might receive in return that which would relieve him of his hunger.  Yet the ego's words became as empty promises, they were as husks or illusions with no real substance, and his hunger for what? He did not know; grew increasingly stronger, and his pangs were great.

"But when he came to himself he said, How many hired servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare, and I perish here with hunger!  I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him; Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight.  I am no more worthy to be called your son.  Make me as one of thy hired servants."

The Sons hunger and thirst grew so great, and yet he could not find anything to relieve it in all his searching over countless lifetimes.   Over eons he had exhausted every avenue of finding fulfillment.  At last he was brought to his knees.  He had had enough of this adventure and so he searched deep within his heart and soul and discovered the Holy Spirit residing within himSelf. In that moment he "came to", in that he started to rise from his slumber, and slowly came remembrance.  He now knew that his hunger was for spiritual sustenance, the parable's daily bread, the substance of his Father, the Source of his being, and his thirst could only be quenched by the Spirit. 

The ego felt threatened and very afraid.  It feared for its own survival and berated the son for his foolishness.  How could you believe after all you have done that your father will accept you back?  Unfortunately he listened to the ego and felt very lowly and ashamed. He feared his fathers judgment, but most of all he judged himself as unworthy of such love and forgiveness.  Nevertheless, thanks to the encouragement of "the still, small voice" within him, and with no place else to go; he made the decision to return to his father.

 "And he arose, and came to his father.  But while he was yet afar off, his father saw him, and was moved with compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.   And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight.  I am no more worthy to be called your son.  But the Father said to his servants, Bring forth quickly the best robe, and put it on his hand, and shoes on his feet:  And bring forth the fatted calf and kill it, and let us eat and make merry:  for this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.  And they began to be merry."

He surrendered to The Holy Spirit and willingly accepted the guidance offered him, for he had long since forgotten his way home.  As he followed The Way shown to him, he had difficulty letting go of his guilt that his error had wronged his father and that his father would judge him as he now judged himself.  Whenever he connected with the Holy Spirit he could see that his father was there with him in that instant, showering him with love, and that he'd already been forgiven.  The son came to see that in truth God had no need to forgive him for God had never held his imaginary wanderings against him.  From Gods point of view, his son was just as he'd always been, eternally loved and perfect in every way.  The robe, the ring for his hand and the shoes for hi feet symbolize this. 

After all the pain and loneliness of the dream, his homecoming was a momentous occasion of celebration, great joy and feasting.  His hunger and his thirst was fully satisfied, his cup was overflowing, no expense had been spared.  In Truth, this is an ongoing celebration that has no end.  This eternal celebration of life is all that has ever been in Truth.  He had experienced being lost but now he had found what had always been.  He had experienced death, but now he had remembered his eternal ONEness with his father and what it was to be truly alive.  To truly experience eternal life is to experience life in the Spirit.  It is to truly know and truly experience the never-ending simultaneous giving and receiving of love with the father, which means o experience it within ones self.  It is to Know ones Self, for the Love of God is what we are.  We are of the same substance as our Father, the Truth of who we are is our Inheritance.  All that has ever been and all that will ever be, the alpha and the omega, Life without end is Gods gift to us and to himself.  Our Inheritance, our Substance is what we are and no illusions or imaginings that suggest otherwise can change in any way, the Truth of what we are.  In Truth, there is no we, for we are One, we are All.  ONE & ALL.


Subject: [The_Peace_of_God] Re: Will of God Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 10:52 AM

Thank you Nicole for this wonderful interpretation.

Subject: [The_Peace_of_God] Re: Will of God  Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 5:55 PM

Hi Dave,

Enjoying the conversation(s).  The long quote below addresses what
you are talking about imo.  It helped me see the issue differently.
I read it with a Course perspective and see many similarities.  I
found the entire http://www.kybalion.org/ website very interesting
and seemed to me to meld with the Course.  Made me wonder if Helen
was exposed to Hermetics at some point. 

I especially found the analogy of the character an author creates
(by thought of course) as resembling to a degree how we are similar
in that we are a thought of mind.  Are Romeo and Juliet real?  Are
they Shakespeare?  Are they anything other than a thought of

Now what if a mind was able to think a thought that could be self-
aware?  What if Romeo and Juliet had the potential to be self
aware?  What if they had the potential to remember they were but a
thought of William.  But mostly they didn't or couldn't even guess
they could be because they were overwhelmed by ole William's idea of
who they were and what they should be, and say and do.  Maybe we are
like that.  Maybe we can be Self aware but mind that thought
separation that is thinking us mostly has our capacity to be self
aware obscured with little awareness speed bumps like time, space,
matter, and even consciousness.  We inhibit the possibility of
recognizing Self by endorsing what the separation mind thinks, e.g.,
attack, victim/victimizer, sin, guilt and fear.  The Course tells us
Forgiveness is the means to see the real world.  So do higher laws
come into effect upon only seeing the world with forgiveness?  Can
the relative laws be superseded once disbelieved? I dunno.

Just my two senselessness worth.

Enjoy the seeming process!

"The half-wise, recognizing the comparative unreality of the
Universe, imagine that they may defy its Laws--such are vain and
presumptuous fools, and they are broken against the rocks and torn
asunder by the elements by reason of their folly. The truly wise,
knowing the nature of the Universe, use Law against laws; the higher
against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is
undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph. Mastery
consists not in abnormal dreams, visions and fantastic imaginings or
living, but in using the higher forces against the lower--escaping
the pains of the lower planes by vibrating on the higher.
Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the
Master." -- The Kybalion

This is the Paradox of the Universe, resulting from the Principle of
Polarity which manifests when THE ALL begins to Create--hearken to
it for it points the difference between half-wisdom and wisdom.
While to THE INFINITE ALL, the Universe, its Laws, its Powers, its
life, its Phenomena, are as things witnessed in the state of
Meditation or Dream; yet to all that is Finite, the Universe must be
treated as Real, and life, and action, and thought, must be based
thereupon, accordingly, although with an ever understanding of the
Higher Truth. Each according to its own Plane and Laws. Were THE ALL
to imagine that the Universe were indeed Reality, then woe to the
Universe, for there would be then no escape from lower to higher,
divineward--then would the Universe become a fixity and progress
would become impossible. And if Man, owing to half-wisdom, acts and
lives and thinks of the Universe as merely a dream (akin to his own
finite dreams) then indeed does it so become for him, and like a
sleep-walker he stumbles ever around and around in a circle, making
no progress, and being forced into an awakening at last by his
falling bruised and bleeding over the Natural Laws which he ignored.
Keep your mind ever on the Star, but let your eyes watch over your
footsteps, lest you fall into the mire by reason of your upward
gaze. Remember the Divine Paradox, that while the Universe IS NOT,
still IT IS. Remember ever the Two Poles of Truth the Absolute and
the Relative. Beware of Half-Truths.

What Hermetists know as "the Law of Paradox" is an aspect of the
Principle of Polarity. The Hermetic writings are filled with
references to the appearance of the Paradox in the consideration of
the problems of Life and Being. The Teachers are constantly warning
their students against the error of omitting the "other side" of any
question. And their warnings are particularly directed to the
problems of the Absolute and the Relative, which perplex all
students of philosophy, and which cause so many to think and act
contrary to what is generally known as "common sense." And we
caution all students to be sure to grasp the Divine Paradox of the
Absolute and Relative, lest they become entangled in the mire of the
Half-Truth. With this in view this particular lesson has been
written. Read it carefully!

The first thought that comes to the thinking man after he realizes
the truth that the Universe is a Mental Creation of THE ALL, is that
the Universe and all that it contains is a mere illusion; an
unreality; against which idea his instincts revolt. But this, like
all other great truths, must be considered both from the Absolute
and the Relative points of view. From the Absolute viewpoint, of
course, the Universe is in the nature of an illusion, a dream, a
phantasmagoria, as compared to THE ALL in itself. We recognize this
even in our ordinary view, for we speak of the world as "a fleeting
show" that comes and goes, is born and dies--for the element of
impermanence and change, finiteness and unsubstantiality, must ever
be connected with the idea of a created Universe when it is
contrasted with the idea of THE ALL, no matter what may be our
beliefs concerning the nature of both. Philosopher, metaphysician,
scientist and theologian all agree upon this idea, and the thought
is found in all forms of philosophical thought and religious
conceptions, as well as in the theories of the respective schools of
metaphysics and theology. So, the Hermetic Teachings do not preach
the unsubstantiality of the Universe in any stronger terms than
those more familiar to you, although their presentation of the
subject may seem somewhat more startling. Anything that has a
beginning and an ending must be, in a sense, unreal and untrue, and
the Universe comes under the rule, in all schools of thought. From
the Absolute point of view, there is nothing Real except THE ALL, no
matter what terms we may use in thinking of, or discussing the
subject. Whether the Universe be created of Matter, or whether it be
a Mental Creation in the Mind of THE ALL--it is unsubstantial, non-
enduring, a thing of time, space and change. We want you to realize
this fact thoroughly, before you pass judgment on the Hermetic
conception of the Mental nature of the Universe. Think over any and
all of the other conceptions, and see whether this be not true of

But the Absolute point of view shows merely one side of the picture--
the other side is the Relative one. Absolute Truth has been defined
as "Things as the mind of God knows them," while Relative Truth
is "Things as the highest reason of Man understands them." And so
while to THE ALL the Universe must be unreal and illusionary, a mere
dream or result of meditation,--nevertheless, to the finite minds
forming a part of that Universe, and viewing it through mortal
faculties, the Universe is very real indeed, and must be so
considered. In recognizing the Absolute view, we must not make the
mistake of ignoring or denying the facts and phenomena of the
Universe as they present themselves to our mortal faculties--we are
not THE ALL, remember.

To take familiar illustrations, we all recognize the fact that
matter "exists" to our senses--we will fare badly if we do not. And
yet, even our finite minds understand the scientific dictum that
there is no such thing as Matter from a scientific point of view--
that which we call Matter is held to be merely an aggregation of
atoms, which atoms themselves are merely a grouping of units of
force, called electrons or "ions," vibrating and in constant
circular motion. We kick a stone and we feel the impact--it seems to
be real, notwithstanding that we know it to be merely what we have
stated above. But remember that our foot, which feels the impact by
means of our brains, is likewise Matter, so constituted of
electrons, and for that matter so are our brains. And, at the best,
if it were not by reason of our Mind, we would not know the foot or
stone at all.

Then again, the ideal of the artist or sculptor, which he is
endeavoring to reproduce in stone or on canvas, seems very real to
him. So do the characters in the mind of the author; or dramatist,
which he seeks to express so that others may recognize them. And if
this be true in the case of our finite minds, what must be the
degree of Reality in the Mental Images created in the Mind of the
Infinite? Oh, friends, to mortals this Universe of Mentality is very
real indeed--it is the only one we can ever know, though we rise
from plane to plane, higher and higher in it. To know it otherwise,
but actual experience, we must be THE ALL itself. It is true that
the higher we rise in the nearer to "the mind of the Father" we
reach--the more apparent becomes the illusory nature of finite
things, but not until THE ALL finally withdraws us into itself does
the vision actually vanish.

So, we need not dwell upon the feature of illusion. Rather let us,
recognizing the real nature of the Universe, seek to understand its
mental laws, and endeavor to use them to the best effect in our
upward progress through life, as we travel from plane to plane of
being. The Laws of the Universe are none the less "Iron Laws"
because of the mental nature. All, except THE ALL, are bound by
them. What is IN THE INFINITE MIND OF THE all; is REAL in a degree
second only to that Reality itself which is vested in the nature of

So, do not feel insecure or afraid --we are all HELD FIRMLY IN THE
INFINITE MIND OF THE ALL, and there is naught to hurt us or for us
to fear. There is no Power outside of THE ALL to affect us. So we
may rest calm and secure. There is a world of comfort and security
in this realization when once attained. Then "calm and peaceful do
we sleep, rocked in the Cradle of the Deep"--resting safely on the
bosom of the Ocean of Infinite Mind, which is THE ALL. In THE ALL,
indeed, do "we live and move and have our being."

Matter is none the less Matter to us, while we dwell on the plane of
Matter, although we know it to be merely an aggregation
of "electrons," or particles of Force, vibrating rapidly and
gyrating around each other in the formations of atoms; the atoms in
turn vibrating and gyrating, forming molecules, which latter in turn
form larger masses of Matter. Nor does Matter become less Matter,
when we follow the inquiry still further, and learn from the
Hermetic Teachings, that the "Force" of which the electrons are but
units is merely a manifestation of the Mind of THE ALL, and like all
else in the Universe is purely Mental in its nature. While on the
Plane of matter, we must recognize its phenomena--we may control
Matter (as all Masters of higher or lesser degree do), but we do so
by applying the higher forces. We commit a folly when we attempt to
deny the existence of Matter in the relative aspect. We may deny its
mastery over us--and rightly so--but we should not attempt to ignore
it in its relative aspect, at least so long as we dwell upon its

Nor do the Laws of Nature become less constant or effective, when we
know them, likewise, to be merely mental creations. They are in full
effect on the various planes. We overcome the lower laws, by
applying still higher ones--and in this way only. But we cannot
escape Law or rise above it entirely. Nothing but THE ALL can escape
Law--and that because THE ALL is LAW itself, from which all Laws
emerge. The most advanced Masters may acquire the powers usually
attributed to the gods of men; and there are countless ranks of
being, in the great hierarchy of life, whose being and power
transcends even that of the highest Masters among men to a degree
unthinkable by mortals, but even the highest Master, and the highest
Being, must bow to the Law, and be as Nothing in the eye of THE ALL.
So that if even these highest Beings, whose powers exceed even those
attributed by men to their gods --if even these are bound by and are
subservient to Law, then imagine the presumption of mortal man, of
our race and grade, when he dares to consider the Laws of Nature
as "unreal!" visionary and illusory, because he happens to be able
to grasp the truth that the Laws are Mental in nature, and simply
Mental Creations of THE ALL. Those Laws which THE ALL intends to be
governing Laws are not to be defied or argued away. So long as the
Universe endures, will they endure--for the Universe exists by
virtue of these Laws which form its framework and which hold it

The Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, while explaining the true
nature of the Universe upon the principle that all is Mental, does
not change the scientific conceptions of the Universe, Life, or
Evolution. In fact, science merely corroborates the Hermetic
Teachings. The latter merely teaches that the nature of the Universe
is "Mental," while modern science has taught that it is "Material';
or (of late) that it is "Energy" at the last analysis. The Hermetic
Teachings have no fault to find with Herbert Spencer's basic
principle which postulates the existence of an "Infinite and Eternal
Energy, from which all things proceed." In fact, the Hermetics
recognize in Spencer's philosophy the highest outside statement of
the workings of the Natural Laws that have ever been promulgated,
and they believe Spencer to have been a reincarnation of an ancient
philosopher who dwelt in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago, and
who later incarnated as Heraclitus, the Grecian philosopher who
lived B. C. 500. And they regard his statement of the "Infinite and
Eternal Energy" as directly in the line of the Hermetic Teachings,
always with the addition of their own doctrine that his "Energy" is
the Energy of the Mind of THE ALL. With the Master-Key of the
Hermetic Philosophy, the student of Spencer will be able to unlock
many doors of the inner philosophical conceptions of the great
English philosopher, whose work shows the results of the preparation
of his previous incarnations. His teachings regarding Evolution and
Rhythm are in almost perfect agreement with the Hermetic Teachings
regarding the Principle of Rhythm.

So, the student of Hermetics need not lay aside any of his cherished
scientific views regarding the Universe. All he is asked to do is to
grasp the underlying principle of "THE ALL is Mind; the Universe is
Mental--held in the mind of THE ALL." He will find that the other
six of the Seven Principles will "fit into" his scientific
knowledge, and will serve to bring out obscure points and to throw
light in dark corners. This is not to be wondered at, when we
realize the influence of the Hermetic thought of the early
philosophers of Greece, upon whose foundations of thought the
theories of modern science largely rest. The acceptance of the First
Hermetic Principle (Mentalism is the only great point of difference
between Modern Science and Hermetic students, and Science is
gradually moving toward the Hermetic position in its groping in the
dark for a way out of the Labyrinth into which it has wandered in
its search for Reality.

The purpose of this lesson is to impress upon the minds of our
students the fact that, to all intents and purposes, the Universe
and its laws, and its phenomena, are just as REAL, so far as Man is
concerned as they would be under the hypotheses of Materialism or
Energism. Under any hypothesis the Universe in its outer aspect is
changing, ever-flowing, and transitory--and therefore devoid of
substantiality and reality. But (note the other pole of the truth)
under the same hypotheses, we are compelled to ACT AND LIVE as if
the fleeting things were real and substantial. With this difference,
always, between the various hypotheses--that under the old views
Mental Power was ignored as a Natural Force, while under Mentalism
it becomes the Greatest Natural Force. and this one difference
revolutionizes Life, to those who understand the Principle and its
resulting laws and practice.

So, finally, students all, grasp the advantage of Mentalism, and
learn to know, use and apply the laws resulting therefrom. But do
not yield to the temptation which, as The Kybalion states, overcomes
the half-wise and which causes them to be hypnotized by the apparent
unreality of things, the consequence being that they wander about
like dream-people dwelling in a world of dreams, ignoring the
practical work and life of man, the end being that "they are broken
against the rocks and torn asunder by the elements, by reason of
their folly." Rather follow the example of the wise, which the same
authority states, "use Law against Laws; the higher against the
lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable
into that which is worthy, and thus triumph." Following the
authority, let us avoid the half-wisdom (which is folly) which
ignores the truth that: "Mastery consists not in abnormal dreams,
visions, and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher
forces against the lower-escaping the pains of the lower planes by
vibrating on the higher." Remember always, student,
that "Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the
Master." The above quotations are from The Kybalion, and are worthy
of being committed to memory by the student.

We do not live in a world of dreams, but in an Universe which while
relative, is real so far as our lives and actions are concerned. Our
business in the Universe is not to deny its existence, but to LIVE,
using the Laws to rise from lower to higher -living on, doing the
best that we can under the circumstances arising each day, and
living, so far as is possible, to our biggest ideas and ideals. The
true Meaning of Life is not known to men on this plane .if, indeed,
to any--but the highest authorities, and our own intuitions, teach
us that we will make no mistake in living up to the best that is in
us, so far as is possible, and realising the Universal tendency in
the same direction in spite of apparent evidence to the contrary. We
are all on The Path--and the road leads upward ever, with frequent
resting places.

Read the message of The Kybalion- -and follow the example of "the
wise"--avoiding the mistake of "the half-wise" who perish by reason
of their folly.

Subject: [The_Peace_of_God] Re: Will of God  Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 10:38 PM

Thank you AK for all of that, but I'm a simple man and this is to
much mentation for me. I use to be very philosophical because I was
into the drama of the complexity. Therefore, books like The Urantia
book were exciting to me. But now, even the elaborations of the
Course is just a little too much. I'm more a Toaist in that sense. I
perceive the Truth to be very simplistic, thus, more often then not,
more is said by saying nothing at all.

Huang Po, whose teachings are rated at 970 by David Hawkins, is some
of the most simplistic teaching I've ever read. Simply stated he
teaches a path of non-conceptualism. God cannot be approached
through mentation. God is beyond the mind and all it's concepts.

Since most of Po's students were Zen Buddhist they would approach
him with all kinds of questions based on the teachings of the
Buddha, such as the contemplation of the real and the unreal, the
understanding of what is truth and what is illusion. Po's answers
were simple and to the point. He'd ask his students why they would
make such distinctions. Why would they think there is a real and an
unreal. A truth and an illusion.

Pete Townsend once wrote, "if I told you what it takes to reach the
highest high, you'd laugh and say nothings that simple." The first
thing that happens when you experience your Self, is you don't
experience anything, because "you" go away. That is, self-
consciousness, self-awareness goes away and with it goes thoughts.
There is no internal dialog. That is why Huang Po stated that
nothing is gain through enlightenment. In fact, everything is lost
so to speak. The mind cannot understand the mindlessness of pure

There is one thing I did understand in all that you said. If we
philosophically understand the teaching of the Course, or other such
teaching we best not attempt walking through fire, going a couple of
months without eating, or parting the waters of the creek we're
salmon fishing in. Because miracles such as these are performed in
an egoless state and only through the Will of God.

It is hard for most of us to imagine an egoless state of existence.
To actually feel your own presence everywhere. To perceive only your
Self and no other. And to have the whole universe flow
thoughtlessly, effortlessly, and blissfully in complete unified
harmony. It is hard because the mind doesn't understand, and never

Finally, it is said that you will never be able to get enough of
that, which will not make you happy. Further, you will never be able
to know enough to attain enlightenment. It isn't about the known,
but about the unknown. It is a total undoing of all concepts. Little
by little, bit by bit, until conceptualization ceases and nothings
left but pure existence, the Radiant Self.


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